Day 92 Nero from Etna

14th July
Well amazingly I slept so well on the top bunk even though it was roasting and there was a lion roaring beneath me lol thanks glider
The other guys were on the first ride out at 8.30 but as usual I needed to post something .I got up and continued working through my blog , emails and Facebook. It’s so wonderful to have decent Internet and the speed. I also cleared down a load of photos from my phone.
Then when the guys had gone I raided the fridge and had macaroni cheese for Breakfast .then carrot sticks celery a tomato, salad a cream cheese and pesto burrito and washed that down with two bottles of beer all before 9 am well I need the calories

I was laughing as Foxy who was eating a whole chocolate fudge and cream cake for his Breakfast yes a whole 12 inch one get in there Foxy my hero.
Then it was time to cycle to the post office I had been holding food and plus what was in the hiker box so I posted that up the trail. Well the temperatures are rising and so it was. Getting too heavy to drag up these forth coming mountains.

Right almost time to hit the trail. I checked the fridge one last time grabbed an apple and my water which had been chilling .It was going to be over 100 today and the rims were exposed. There was a ride up but it was a minimum of two or $10 so I thought I would hitch. Now hindsight is a wonderful thing and 10 bucks would have been a barging
it was was steep .UP hill. It was hot tarmac and finally NO BLOODY CARS!!! Not one bugger until I was 3/4 done but thank you, you lovely couple. Although plenty came down and several stopped to give me water .so what a great bloody start. Guess its Trail karma for me missing a few miles.
But it was a lovely walk besides that and it was fun playing spot the deer
I can see you there, you are Deer. They were everywhere but seemed mainly doe’s and some were quite tame.
The couple dropped me off at the trail head .but I was still knackered and soaked with sweat from the walk. Should have paid ten bucks that will teach me for being stingy.

But wow the view from the trail head was amazing.
Right let’s walk it’s 1.30 not going to do the miles today but we will certainly try not including the  5 miles I had just done getting to the trail.
I was walking mainly on the rims and open to the sun that I felt like a roast chicken but not to eat.
Now and then I had shade but not much and this section had little water. And I had used a far bit getting to the trail. I’m so glad it had been sat in the fridge. As it was still cold.

The terrain today was crap well that’s not really correct it was my favourite shale and loose stone the stuff that almost took me out a few days ago so I walked over it cautiously and slow. This section was mainly this so I was not going to get any speed up. Well there’s always tomorrow and a decent start in the morning means that I can claw some miles back. As I wanted to be in the next town in two days and hopefully pick up new pack .please be there .As I’m not sure how long mine us going to hold together.
Oh a stream I top up two litres just in case. I’m doing okay but not fast enough the heat is roasting it’s over a 100 phew and the time is whizzing by I dare not look at my GPS but my legs are tired and my right foot hurts today not the one that should hurt but the other I’m. Pushing on when SNAKE. It’s funny when I see a snake I turn into John Clease and do a silly walk forward back to the side. It was all black with a yellow stripe up both sides .It may of been friendly but he didn’t hang then I cautiously walk past then sort of run then back to normal
So I push on again I have water, now a flat place to sleep that will do I’m half on the trail lol
Tents up tea mmm that’s tastes so good
Okay a good night’s sleep and a good day tomorrow hopefully


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