I slept well and hopefully today i can grab that magical  30 miles
I am on the trail by 5.45 brilliant
I had only gone 20 minutes when two
Sobos came past .They took my photo and off we went. Just completed an hour when I came across  Timberline and glider sleeping under a tree morning guys .I chatted a while then back to the trail

Climbing and climbing that’s the menu for the rest of the day and it’s getting hotter and hotter I pause on top of one of the switchbacks.
The views are amazing I’m still gazing in awe when Timerline arrives
It’s very hazy .timberline says it is a forest fire somewhere!
Hopefully not here I reply

I set off up the next climb it’s amazing views all round but still up .Bugger i think if it’s going to be like this all day the 30  won’t happen
Back to the trail it’s mainly up and up
But then I  am in some gorgeous Meadows full of singing  birds. Very busy bees and hundreds of butterfly’s
Most flowers are now in bloom and the smells are glorious all of a sudden a deer bolts by. morning Deer but she’s gone.time for a break .I have some snacks and glug some water and chill for 20  minutes
I’m just leaving when Timberline appears. He’s taking it slow as he’s hurt his knee

I’m now in the marble mountains because they are made of marble and again look dam amazing. I carry on round the rim then drop down into
Marble valley I’m on my at down when a mule train is on its way up
I stand back and watch .I find them fascinating. It’s still the main way of getting supplies to remote areas
I carry on my way I’m still climbing I was hoping to be going down by now  but no still climbing .I come to paradise lake and the are several tents here. as I walk on I see two girls they are working for the fisheries and are studying the lakes. Sounds a cool job .We chat for a while they are amazed at my Hike then back to the trail and sadly more climbing
It’s never ending .don’t even think I’m going to get a 25 in .At last I’m going down and it’s  big down but I’m done , knackered and it’s 6.30 Time to find a flat spot at last that will do only 24 miles but 24  hard ones
Maybe tomorrow will be better
Night all


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