Day 91 Etna and the Hiker Hut

13th July
Woke up around 7 am the campsite was all quiet. Then it sounded like a huge Rave was kicking off and  it wasn’t even morning and a Sunday.
I lay there listening to the music .I guess I should  get up .but slowly .
I organised my gear  .my trash bag is getting bigger .It will be good to loose it later.
I’ve packed  and begin to walk to the road  at the park entrance is about 40 kids who have been on a two week hiking trip .and are waiting to be picked up.

I walked across the road to take up my normal hiking pose. As I’m siting several ladies cross the road in an attempt to get phone signal a their car has broken down. They are  helpers for the kids summer camp. There are kids as young as ten on these camps unheard of in the UK  far too dangerous. but they seem to manage the risk better here.
They tell me any off the mums should give me a ride to Etna.   and yes a mum does arriving in Etna by 10.
I pop into the shop and grab a few bits  I could do with gas (butane) as i’m wandering around   the shop I bump into Timerline
Where is the hostel I ask  ? At the end of the road snail .I wander along and find the Hiker Hut
And luckily there’s a free bed $25 plus laundry and a shower I drop. My pack there are several familiar faces  Paul the french man, REI  and Timerline
I drop my pack and chill then drop my clothes in the washer. Okay the footy is on at 12 pm .I sort my gear drink some orange juice that I just purchased.
My washing is done so I hang it on the fence. Football time , at the hiker hut they provide bikes so I cycled down to the pub/brewery.

Yes they brew on site and some marvellous Ales stouts  etc
I started with the moose IPA  7%  very tasty  and then the game starts ..Timerline is here also Pig pen and maniac
Second pint is  Classic Gold 5% mmm very English like. That was followed by phoenix red again 5%
I chased that with a blue cheese and bacon burger yummy washed down with another moose IPA later Juicy arrives  what kept you I laughed
After the game there was a wobbly cycle back.
The afternoon I spent catching  up on my blog and Facebook and trying to make my pack lighter. later Foxy arrives I hadn’t seen him since Sierra City. He’s got a whole roast chicken to eat  wow!

So a good days rest foot is feeling okay no pain so back on the trail in the morning , now a couple more beers and  then we all watched  a film on Vhs  lol


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