Day 90 my mishap

Not a brilliant sleep wind and a brilliant bright moon so it was daylight when it should of been dark
But up and on the trail it’s a gorgeous day I want to push early  before it gets hot as i hiking Juicy catches and passes me
See you in Etna, for the footy

I haven’t looked at the terrain. So  it will be a surprise, i feel good as i make my way along the trail with fantastic scenery
Water i need water ,Oh a spring great,  I stop and top up my  water, then but i have to keep stopping to take shots of this fantastic scenery.
The trail is being fairly kind with nice terrain too. maybe i spoke to soon as i begin to descend the surface changes to  shale .Next minute I’m laying on my back looking up at the sky.

I lay there for a few moments, i’m in pain, I struggle to get up them check myself over My ankle is not happy maybe a twist or sprain as it hurts.
There’s a stream nearby ,I waddle over and strip off my shoe and soak  my foot I leave it in the water although it looks okay .Im hoping just a sprain as i put my shoe back on
Its hurts ,but I can cope with the pain ,I hike on but not so fast until I come to a road.
As I cross it I notice that there is a campsite here, We’ll that will do  I decide to I wander through the park .There is a guy duping ice from his ice box.
I ask if I could have it and explain about my ankle .
sure he says putting the ice into a Ziploc he then offers me a beer for the pain.

I take my beer and ice and look for a spot to camp.
I drop my pack sit down and ice my foot until the beer  has gone
I put up my tent and lie in the sun ..I’m oddly very relaxed.
I guess I must of been tired  as i must have dozed off waking at 3 PM
My foot feels a lot better, hopefully icing it quickly  has done the trick and another days rest won’t hurt .

Several families come and go, a Labrador comes over to say hi .
I’m chilling in the sun when another hiker appears .I met him in Castella he is just hiking for six days and its now over.
We chat for awhile , then he heads off and home .
I cook my dinner and then relax before giving my gear another sort.
I am just about to turn in, when I hear a loud buzzing . Its a humming bird just hovering out side my tent. what an amazing little animal. Then behind my tent a fawn appears gorgeous I watch him for several minutes before he wanders off .zzzz


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