Day 89 A wet Start

11 july
My Alarm  went off at 4.30 so I had a while to doze then splash it began to rain and I didn’t have my fly cover on
Quickly I jumped out of my tent  and threw the rain fly on I .and  even though I was getting up shortly pegged it in
That was lucky as no sooner had i got back  into my tent. The heavens opened .i lay on top of my bag listening to the rain falling on my tent so much for my early start. It didn’t sound like it was in any hurry to stop.
I reorganised my food bags I just had far too much food. I must of nodded off as I woke at 7 am. But it was still pouring. Guess this is what Washington wil be like.I was now getting bored I had set myself a target of a minimum of 24  miles a day to get me to Canada  sooner .well I won’t get the miles in today .I kept hoping it would ease off but it just kept on raining. If only my pack had arrived as it had a rain jacket with 9 am I was getting a little frantic I wanted to be out on the trail But didn’t want to be soaked. I reorganised my pack again put my sleeping bag into a waterproof bag then repacked  hurrah that looks good  now if the rain would ease off i can drop my tent
At last I quickly striped off the soaking fly and squeezed the water out then quickly dismantled my tent and lastly the sodden footprint. Hurrah we are off and on the trail But it was 10 am I had lost 4 hours of hiking time
Okay ill hike to 5pm  then i can dry out my tent I thought. The rain had eased off as i was beginning to roast in my rain jacket. .i didn’t think i had much speed today especially as i had had a lazy morning
I stopped for a break and to remove my raincoat.then i noticed a spring so topped up some water. As i was putting on my pack I noticed another hiker coming up the trail. The waters good if you need some. Then i recognised him, hi Juicy how come your behind me .we walked on chatting
He explained that he had  quit the PCT or rather he took 9  days off and was going home but then he missed it so.much he reconsidered and got back on .Although normally much faster than me  he was at a good pace that I could keep up with and so he pulled me along ..The trail was fairly flat today  which helped  but we were doing a great speed and miles were falling. At some lakes I stopped for a break  .As I was chilling some day hikers came by  .They were very chatty and the mum gave me a pack of sugar snap peas yummy
Then we were off again there were many more day hikers all friendly.
At last we stopped for a long lunch we had done 17 miles not bad for a late start. But I wanted at least 22 so pushed on  I really wanted  26 but I didn’t think i had it in me as I  was tired and wasn’t sure if I had another 7 in me  but I was going to try and apart from one small climb it was down hill (hopefully)

On and on I went  come on miles I can do this and juicy thought I could too .Ping my watch went  5 pm  two more hours I thought that will take me to 7 I can do this .legs we can do this
I pushed on trying to make more speed down the hills do the miles would go more quickly .Come on
I Dare not  look at my watch or GPS come on we can do this ping god 1 more hour .but I was knackered But pushed on  I was now on a narrow path do had no choice but to push on
Must be a flat spot soon I need to rest .At last a campsite thank god I dropped my pack and my tent was soon. Up may be. But blowy but it will do.i made tea then a really tasty chilli macaroni. Then bed..
I began to get dark and there was a great sunset just beautiful. Then it went a dark for a moment then the brightest moon came out .It was so bright I could of sworn that there were headlights shining on my tent.


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