Day 88 Escaping Castella

10th July
I set the alarm for 4.30  then snooze
but I forgot to enable the other two alarms so woke with a panic at 5.30
I wanted to be on the trail by then. So mad rush .how the he’ll am I going to fit all this extra food into my pack
I pushed and squeezed.its in
But omg it freaking heavy am I sure !!
I left the camp and made my way down a side trail that will lead me onto the PCT. I wandered down this trail it was well laid out and the air was cool
I passed another campsite with benches and fire rings and drop toilet. Soon the trail met The PCT great  I knew three things .It was going to be a big climb. It was going to be hot and there wasn’t going to be a lot of water. A great day then. I wasn’t going very fast due to the ridiculous weight I was carrying in my pack plus 5 litres of water. I trundled on then caught up with  Darren from the campsite who had stopped for Breakfast. .See you up the trail. I crossed a small creek and then the trail began to climb and climb. I hope it’s sheltered I thought  minutes later Darren passed me I doubt that I will see him again. I carried on climbing I was heading for Castle Crag which towered above me
Am I going up that?  I guess I am. The shade decided to leave and although it wasn’t even  7 am the sun beat down on me.i was roasting and still u climbed  and climbed higher. But wow the views were amazing. .I then began switchbacks okay maybe I’m not going up there then the switchback went the other way .mmm maybe I am .its such a guessing game with the trail as to where it will take you
Yes I’m going past Castle Crag and it was amazing simply stunning
A huge outcrop of rock that towers high and looks like a castle
The trail seemed to wind it way around son you could see it from all angles  them I was leaving .oh a sign for watery. I needed water all ready.
I followed the dry  stream bed down for .2 miles until I could see water

It was  roasting  hot  so I topped up. I was just leaving when two hikers arrived there names were marathon and dog
They were about to have lunch so I pressed on still climbing climbing climbing in the sun but now i had water. The trail now began to span mountains and looking back I could see my old friend Shasta the mountain and in front a whole new set of mountain which I am sure we will be walking over shortly.
I was doing good miles with this dead weight in my pack but I wanted more .problem was I was told and hot. The two hikers then came past me .I tried to keep up for a while .But they were young with small packs. I was aiming for the spring and camp at 2539
I can do that .Yes I can but my legs were not that convinced. But the miles were falling I may be able to do it .The next goal was the trail head  3 more miles and maybe water
Come on snail I said to myself.
And pushed on at last the trail head I hoped someone may of left water
Hah ha oh well I pushed on the other two hikes had stopped and were cooking .Dam I need to push on I need water and my bed
I passed another hiker going southbound  and asked about the spring. It’s good he shouted
I then came two a couple of cars parked  I fancied putting my tent by them and calling it a night   but I exalted on .A sign spring 800 yards. Great that will do I dropped my pack and you all my bottles to fill. I actually had more water in my bladder than I thought but spring water is the best .I wandered down the path till I heard water it was icy cold the BEST
I filled up and then staggered back to my pack and set off. I just need a flat spot now. Several yards and there
I dropped my pack when I heard voices it was the two hikers. I thought that they had camped bur no they needed water
Then a old lady called Polly came by and gave us some fruit. A lovely lady
Tents up and tea  then zz


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