Day 87 A wasted day

9th July
I slept really well but woke at 5 am
I heard Paul packing up  but again I didn’t need to be up till the post office opened and the post lady didn’t sort the hiker post till 11.30
So i lay in my tent waiting for it to become lighter so I could get back to my book “Deadly harvest” by Heather Graham.
I eventually had to get up for my early morning wee so  wandered across to the restrooms. There was a red pickup and the owner seemed to have cowboy camped by the side.
Back to my tent and book I was distracted by a lot of shouting coming from the red pickup.lovers tiff hard to say but it went on and on
But I could only see the guy  .so went back to my book. Eventually i got up made tea and took my trash to the bin . politely I said good morning he looked like a black worsel gummidge and had a back pack on.he asked me if the shop wa near.i told him 1/2 a mile down this track. And we’d back to my tent.he then seemed to act really odd he just hovered about  not going anywhere. He just was acting very suspicious. He kept leaving but going nowhere.
At last his friend a young girl appeared and they sped off
It was now 11 and time for a walk. I put all my food into the Bear vault .and set off to the post office hoping I’d return with my new pack so that I could get back out there onto the Pct
Good morning mam I said
I still haven’t seen anything for you
Really please don’t say that  I replied
Do you have that tracking number
I didn’t as I had no cell service
But I’d check the store just in case
Nothing there either buggery fuck fuck . But I did see Tartan’s end of his hiking pole that he had lost. So grabbed that..I then decided to put my UK sim back into my phone  got service and decided to call my girlfriend in the UK. That was lovely so good to hear her voice but didn’t dare talk for long..but why chatting a few emails came through and hurrah a tracking number for Osprey.
I went back into the Post office is this the right number?  I asked
She punched it into her system  yes that’s correct but it’s still at the post office and hasn’t moved and that was Monday it was now Wednesday. Dam I said politely. .will it be here tomorrow do you think ? If I’m honest she said NO. We chatted for a while she explained that there was no tracking and so nothing has happened. She asked me if I could come back at  3 and she would recheck it was now 12 and the temperature was already in the 90° so I didn’t fancy hiking out .so I agreed   resolved to the fact I’d stay another night and hike our first thing as water will be scarce on this part of the trail
oh well I grabbed a sandwich a beer and packet of chips and slouched back to camp .grabbed my book and continued reading.
Oh 2.30  time for another stroll
Hi again I cheerfully called.
I’ve just checked and nothing she said okay then can I get it forwarded to Seid Valley  not a problem she said .confirm your name again
I then visited the shop again brought another six pack 2 huge peaches and a bottle of soda and again slowly stomped back to camp
Finished my book drank a few beers glugged the soda whoofed the peaches then a bloody silly wasp stung me.These wasps are called mud wasps or so I’m told they grab water to build their homes and are a little dozy .but they still sting ouch!!
It’s 5  PM Guess I’ll cook tea but what a wasted day  and I’m falling behind on the trail  i want to get up early as it’s getting hotter lol
See if I can ill pack shortly and then take off my fly cover so it will be lighter in the morning






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