Day 86 waiting

I slept really well  but  was awake  before six listening to the others hikers   get their gear  together   and  one by one  leave, It was too early to get up  as  the post office didn’t open  till 10 am .
I eventually emerged and ate breakfast resorted my gear again then again

Okay Post office Fingers crossed for my backpack, it was about a mile walk so I cheerily set off.I walked into the post office

Post Office
Post Office

Good morning Mam I wondered if you had a package for me.
Are you a Hiker she asked?
Yes I am
Well I don’t sort the Post till 11 , Have you checked at the store ?

No I hadn’t, so I wandered over to the garage store and looked through the packages, sadly nothing. But the hiker box was very good so I grabbed a load of stuff and a book, before buying a few snacks  and some postcards
I sat outside and  wrote them then wandered back to the post office
Hi again I said
What’s  YOUR NAME , she then asked ,
she  went out the back for a few moments , Sorry sir noting , Oh  really I hoped that it would be  here ,
Do you have the tracking Number sir ?
No I hadn’t and as I had no Cell service there was little chance of me getting it Bugger bollocks etc.
We sometimes get a delivery at 1 pm could you check back then?
I  didn’t really have a choice, I paid for my stamps ,  and wandered back to camp.
The camp was now deserted  ,just me, I made some lunch and began to read my book.
THE clock moved very slowly and i was soon bored and eager to get back to the trail. At 1.30 I wandered back to Post office. Fingers crossed
sadly nothing Bugger and other words so I grabbed more beer and wandered back.

It was a glorious  day  but I wasn’t really in the right mood to enjoy it
I sat in the sun and  read  my book and  drank  beer .
As I was cooking Dinner French Paul arrived, He was fairly chatty for a change , he gave me his spare food.
Paul gets all of his food from REI and has it delivered(posted)
Great if you can afford it!!!
WE chatted for a while then it was time for Zzzzz

Fingers crossed for tomorrow

In hindsight I should have left a forwarding address and hiked out
rather than wasting almost four days here !

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