Day 85 Castella

7 th July
I heard the other guys moving but far too early for me. Then silence god its still dark and just gone 5 am  I lay in my tent gazing at the sky should I get up ?  Maybe it would be wise considering it a a big climb and may get hot. I dragged my self out and began to pack up it was still dark  I was fairly impressed with myself. And even better I was on the trail by 5.45 a first for me whoop. .packed i moved off  then came to my first water I topped up 2 liters then marched on dreading this big climb
But the trail seemed very flat .that’s a worry .that’s when it began to climb and very steeply but my legs seemed okay and I seemed to power up the trail,switchback then switchback.
What I don’t like is when you see the trail climbing into the distance. I tend not too look up and just zone out
My right foot was hurting today small blister on top .why it’s hurting now I don’t know  so I popped a few ibuprofen and carried on . the  trail now crossed a logging road okay give me a clue which way ?.I normally look for footprints but the ground Was too hard oh there. I spied a marker sign
Would be proud. The trail now climbed even steeper but I was feeling good my watched chimed  great that’s two hours Breakfast. I walked to i came to a nice spot to stop Dropped my pack .put my phone into the solar panel and relaxed. Had the last of my cereal and made tea.
Then time to walk. Up and up I went great views of mount Sasha if I didn’t know better I’d say the mountain had been following me for days ..
Phew it getting  hotter and hotter and I haven’t the normal amount of water silly me was hoping that there would be more springs  .doh I was cross with myself for nor filling up more water
Up and up I climbed. Hours ticked by I checked the GPS great I’m at the top
I stopped for a lunch break although there was nothing to eat  as I’d eaten it all. So i drank more water. Then checked my feet or rather emptied all the debris out of my shoes. I checked my ouchy right foot the blister was a little pussie DAM I thought I should of looked at that closer yesterday. I bathed it and poked it put on antiseptic cream and redressed it.It did feel better but I must watch it more closely.
I now began my decent to  castella .Down and down walking through oak forests so your feet crunched on he leaves  and old acorns. Oh a spring I topped up  2 liters and felt much happier. Down and down around and around and around and down it deemed to take for ever to get down god I’m so tired I can’t believe how tired I am .so I stopped for a 10 minute break. Still down and still down I plodded and plodded does this not end  ……Hurrah I came to a green gate I knew I was now close.
I crossed over a bridge and up a road. To the right were some huge gates to someone’s home .must be important or rich as the entrance was massive. I then walked over a bridge that spanned the  something river. Across the railway tracks and headed onto Castella
The road walk was almost 3 miles and did i say it was hot. Eventually i saw sign to the store and post office. As i walked to the store i could see other hikers
I went in side the store I was fairly disappointed with the selection and it was pricey I treated my self to a large tub  of ice cream a six pack .pringles. Energy bars etc
Ham cheese etc I’ll get in the morning before i hike i was paying friend arrived .We met outside on the picnic table with  Halo, and  prancing pony, we sat and chilled and talked nonsense  before friend and i headed for the local  camp .
The ranger  booked us in  $3 bargain then another ranger drove us up  in the back of his pickup yeah
BlackBerry was already here and tartan and several other tents. I put up  my tent then decanted the contents of my pack out as hopefully I will have a new one tomorrow.. Then i went  to find the showers , God they were good, im all clean .The shower were great and whilst in there washed a few of my clothes.
I then decided to shave but with this much growth 1 razor isn’t enough So i look a bit rough but if I   continued my face would be raw!!
I made my way back to camp then cooked dinner and drank a few beers It was nice to chill and relax ..Still did 22  miles today but I was exhausted Maybe because it was 109° phew
Tartan was sorting out his resupply boxes  he had loads so i managed to squirrels a few more meals
We chatted for ages  about the trail and miles  my mileage has suddenly shot up from doing 16/18 to 22/26  I’d like to do a 30 my biggest so far is 28 but it all depends on the terrain and the steepness of the trail
Off to bed but go its still so hot
Hopefully a new pack tomorrow whoop







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