Day 84 Heading to Castella

6th July

Slept really well and was packed and on the trail by 6.30. And already it was hot and I had no water.
I could see for miles down the valley which  was shrouded in mist.
I was feeling good and was walking quite fast  mainly to get out of the sun and into the shade.  At last he trail took me into a forest and rest bite from the sun mmm it’s not even 7 and it’s I followed the trail a deer leapt out in front of me hello Dear I said then laughed at my pun.i followed the deer for a few yards before she got bored then pranced off into the trees. I then came out of the forest and gazed at the climb ahead it wasn’t steep it just winded it’s way around the steep hill.
Up and on I went after half and hour I oases a small stream I hesitated for a moment them went on. But several minutes later I was thinking I should of got some water but on I marched
I was thinking to myself I glad I didn’t go on last night as there was no where to put my tent..I was climbing ever higher and wow the views were fantastic I then began to drop down. I crossed several dirt roads  Ah there I said to myself a decent campsite. .on I odder till I saw a familiar face it was white Angel resting. .I didn’t see your tent she said. No I replied I stuck it just off of the road. I then walked on till I a sign saying  spring.  Fantastic I made my way down the path and filled up then I guzzles a litre of the cold tasty water then they way back to the trail
There were butterfly’s every where large swallow tailed one big black and orange ones and other colours in between. I love this about the trail and the flowers all in bloom


got it was getting hotter and as fast as I drank it poured out of my head .I was soon nearer in Ash camp and the river. Mmm may take a dip 🙂
I crossed the bridge and watched the water swirl it’s way down .looks so inviting well a good place for lunch at least. I made way down to the bridge and dropped my pack .next thing I new all my clothes where in a neat pile and there was a naked man swimming again lol oh its so good and it’s makes you all clean if only for a minute I dried off in the sun then add lunch then washed my socks and shirt   .Right must walk
I knew i had bog climbs for the rest of the afternoon  a 6  mile pen then a 3 mile one.tight here goes up and up  the trail wasn’t too steep but it was covered in poison oak and worse there was no shade I drank and drank through my hose  phew it’s hot .I wear a head band or bandanna but had to stop and squeeze it dry  lol
Then back to the climb up and up
At last it levelled out and fantastic a spring I stopped and filled up  another five litres. Yes too much but I drink it .I then guzzled more water then continued on my way .I was almost at the top then i had several miles of flat before the last climb


My feet began to ache so it must be soon time to call it a day. I stopped and took a few breaks pity there’s not a creek nearby as I could do with another cool off plus it’s saves time cleaning your feet before bed lol
All of a sudden a bear slides down the bank in front of me. Looks at me  then hurtles down the other side branches snapping as he makes his escape.
This bear was black and fairly young and sorry no photo!
But OMG  another Bear  2 in two days
I was so excited.i carried on there was another stream .I filled up for the night as I didn’t want to be short of water like last nights camp. I  should be soon.then i noticed several tents as I approached  I recognised the voices it was friend and tartan. Good to see you both .I threw up my tent then made tea. Tonight was mash , I stirred in extra cheese, Cranberries and  chilli yummy followed by hot chocolate and then bed.
A big big climb tomorrow 7 miles up and steep my favourite
Night all .I saw a  bear fantastic


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