Day 83 an Amazing day

5th July
Well I took ages to get off to sleep but the good news I wasn’t blown about.
YES alarm set for 5 am I get up at 6 am  I was just emerging when White Angel came past I was getting up early I said. I packed up and took I off i was on the trail by 6.30. .and the sun was already hot ..The first part of the trail was badly over grown so you never know where you are stepping which can be scary. .2 miles on and a sign for a spring great as I was fairly low on water I wandered down the track and found the spring  I gulped down a few cups then  filled up  5 litres. Now that’s probably far to much but Hike your own hike.
I like to have 2 litres of lemon drink and the rest straight water in my bladder which I drink  but when I stop for a rest I like to glug down a litre so I carry it most hikers make do with 2 litre maximum.  But I’m not most hikers. Soon it was my Breckfast stop cereal  yummy oh and lemon  to drink. Back to the trail i was climbing a smallish hill when I stopped in my tracks my next foot would of landed on a snake a rather big snake.i backed up and this time took pictures.
It looked like he had just eaten as his skin was stretched do he must of been resting in the sun .But unlike me  who is resting in the chair after my lunch
They move very very quickly when you jab them with your hiking pole in fact do. Not try this  unless you can run fast. A he wasn’t very happy.
Lesson learnt…
Back to the trail I was busy  and wax zoned out when a man appeared from beneath a tree  it was a trail man  a man who helps look after the trail  in fact there wa about  9 of them men and woman cutting and hacking and making the trail great for us hikes to walk on.i thanked them all for a great job  as they are mostly volunteers
Oh and I asked what the big mountain was called it’s mount sasha so now you know. Further on the trail i caught up with white Angel who had stopped for a break we were do to play leapfrog all day..I passed her and kept going  I was trying for a big millage today and to camp by water but I knew the rest of the day was going to be climbing. I marched on  waiting for my watch to let me know when it was lunch time.. At last  I eat bagels with sweaty cheese and smoked salmon from a packet now the same ads English but it’s food.chtgged down more lemon water and charger my phone in the sun. Again I was low on water. .In about an hour I caught up with White Angel again she had just topped up from a spring. As she walked off i went to the spring and refilled 5 litres. I slung my backpack onto my back and set off. As I went around a corner I bear was walking towards me.i looked at him he looked at me I froze he legged it down through the forest branches cracking  as he fled so fellow hikers a bear wants nothing to do with smelly Hikers so we are all safe. Also a ranger tells me that the mountain Lions are so busy with road kill that they to don’t fancy any smelly Hikers. I am not sure on the snakes point of view but the Mosquitoes say fuck it blood is blood.
So yes  a very big OMG MOMENT. That is the closest bear meeting  so far yes omg he was a big blondish orange fellow.
But again it’s made my day and s huge smile on my face
I walked on then caught up with white Angel again and told her of my bear encounter.
It was now the climbing moment but at least there was shade unlike this morning. It was 4.30 I was still on target but the hill went on and on. The trail crew must of been here as well as there were several tools left out on  the trail. The trail  was  so nicely cut back and wide.
I was now getting tired .I’ve had enough I was a few miles short and again low on water. I came to a dirt road ,must be some where I can put up my tent. It was still fairly early but this will do me for today
I put up my tent ,then made tea then cooked rice. I was low on watery but made another cup if tea
I was being very brave and sleeping with out the fly on My I was typing this a deer walked straight past But im. Not sure if I like it like this
But it’s now bed



A Large Snake

20140705_14173220140706_062358OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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