Day 81 Wild Bird Cache

4th July
woke early but it was still warm I needed to finish this before j burst into flames. But before setting off i had Breakfast very unusual
Then off it was already warm at 5.45
And with no breeze my head was soon leaking. God it’s hot, did I say hot
The views were fantastic , but the trail dusty and as I walked i tore up huge plumes of dust nice.
At last some breeze thank you
On I plodded  watching the lizards scurry in front of my feet.  And looking our for snakes as I was still half asleep or rather on autopilot.

Soon I was approaching the fish farm and fresh cold water hopefully
I could see it getting nearer .The water source was s huge hosepipe  with far too much pressure but it was water wet cold water
As the day wore on I was getting nearer to Burney. I was hoping to get my pack swapped out for a new one but with our phone service I was running blind
I was now descending and it was bloody awful lava or jagged and sharp and unsteady it also seemed to magnify the sun into your body making you even hotter oh my god it was worse than walking the rim .get my off of here before it wrecks my trainers .I pounded down the inclines making sure my foot was firm before taking another step. Again so easy to trip or slip or both at last a dusty trail. And in the distance traffic. I emerged into a busy road and was immediately picked up. as we drove into town my phone got service. Osprey can’t get it to me until Castelle,as we drove along there was a massive range American flag hanging across the road attached to a huge Grove crane ( my dad used to make those cranes).

Independence Day Is coming
Independence Day Is coming

Its for July the 4th, the size of the flag was amazing. The guy dropped me off at the post office. I quickly did my chores before I grabbing a sub from subway and as much soda that I could drink.
Back at the trail, it seemed even hotter as I plodded along  I was going to try and get to the state park and water. I had gone a few miles when I came to an Aladdin’s cave, beer, Soda, Food, showers every thing I could have wished for.
I grabbed a cold beer signed the book and their the table before taking a selfie . I then plonked myself down into one of the camp chairs and relaxed I was still chilling when the trail angles appeared. Apologies I’ve forgotten their names all ready .
They didn’t seem to want me to leave we sat chatting for hours drinking beer and laughing finally I had to move . I got up and made for the trail possibly not in a straight line lol
I hiked for about d two more hours before setting up my tent.
Now why can’t I just be left alone to eat if it’s not the mosies it’s the ants or the midges .well tonight it was bloody wasps. I put some sugar in a Ziploc and before bed it had almost 30 dead wasps in


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