Day 80 Old Station

2nd July
No hurry to get up as i need the post office but it does not open to 10.30 then I needed a wee so had to emerge. Trail dancer had long gone. Think he’s on the trail by 4.30 am
Possibly a good idea if the temperature keeps rising.
I got back into my tent and had a tidy of my gear.then tried to add a couple of days from my missing blog.
It was now getting hot.too hot to be lying in a tent so I got up and  packed
I strolled back to the store jawbone and freckles who were there going through their resupply box..I stuck my phone on charge and walked to the post office. Hi I said I think you may have a few packages for me?
Mr roger Robinson she said .I said yes thank god she said there are six for you. I have to say when I first started the trail i  wasn’t organised and sent random packages to random post offices. .I checked my packages. My old boots they can go in the hiker box. My current boots ill bounce them. My maps I need them. The rest was food  so I bounced that and finally my bounce box.i unclipped the cable ties.

Mm about time I got new underwear  as these two pairs have lasted me half the two new pairs.nice..
I then gave it a shuffle dropped  some items onto the hiker box and put other spare items into it . resealed it up and sent it on its way. I felt  really pleased.
I’ll let you onto a little secret ages ago in Kennedy meadows I posted my tent up the trail. Now it may of been because I was drinking amnesia IPA
But I’d actually forgotten where I sent it (old station) so all sorted now so I can relax. I made my way back to the store brought a lime soda and a coconut ice cream really tasty.
Then organised my maps the next few days are going to be challenging and extremely hot hot hot and hot.
I refilled my water. .rechecked the hiker box for any thing tasty then headed for the trail.
Walking the rim is going to be mega hot it’s a old volcano so no natural water. Hopefully some fantastic angels have put out water..
I was heading for the caves to fill up with water ready to  attack the rim before I melt
Then i headed up to the rim it was actually cooler now with  a gentle breeze but the terrain was hard on my feet and I was worried about cutting g my lovely comfy shoes to bits  can’t a Ford to buy any more just yet
I was making good time and the miles seemed to be rushing by  maybe because I zoned out maybe I’m all excited about my new pack it may be waiting for me in Burney.  It was almost 7 PM I don’t normally walk this late but I was fling good so pushed on at 8.30 I began looking for a camp. Perfect your do .I made hot chocolate and cooked rice   night all


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