Day 79 onwards to the Station

2nd July
Well i must have been tired as I slept so well .I was afraid of over sleeping so i  set my makes a change not to be woken by friend calling snail. I crawled out of my tent at 6 and stripped down my tent . much easier when every thing is in the Bear Safe. But horror
New lesson don’t  just throw all your stuff in the Bear safe,make sure it’s all wrapped and sealed as the mice or something had a party. luckily only a few chocolate bars and bagels.
I threw the stuff away as some of these rodents carry a disease harmful to us
I had a Late cup of tea then hit the trail.
It was of course a fairly steep climb but early in the morning I’m ready lol
It was a gorgeous morning and there was still mist hanging over the trees as I climbed. Almost to the top I ran into another deer.seems plenty of them around here. Once at the top I began to speed up then came again to another amazing lake. They are always so beautiful looking. I stood and stared for a while then moved on and straight into another deer.deer everywhere.  I then began to drop down and OMG another gorgeous lake.i really wanted to strip off and dive in but I needed to get to Old  Station Po.  So reluctantly I walked on .As I walked dragonfly’s. Bees and all kinds if butterfly’s flirted through all the wonderful flowers and the armour was gorgeous. Then trail then went through a huge burn area I walked for four hours through this sad area where the blackened  trees stood  like dirty needles and being burnt and dead there wasn’t a lot of shade as the temperature steadily rose. I stopped for lunch and eat a mouse chewed bagel no I cut that part off just in case  .cheese and ham yummy and chugged more water. Then i had a panic was I supposed to get water
The next is in 7 miles  bugger I had two litres  but I’d like more .I packed up and walked on several miles and I came to a sign saying Badgers  spring. .mm not on guthooks. But I went and looked .oh fantastic clear sparkly spring water I topped up my bladder and two bottles again after swigging a litre. Tasty. mileage was good but I needed to speed up a little. Several miles later I ran into a couple who were sobos we chatted a while then went our separate ways.


Hours ticked  slowly by i was making good progress.  But my feet ached.then I spied a river it’s no good as I detoured and made my way to its bank. I dropped off my pack took off my dusty shoes and socks and soaked my aching feet in the cool flowing was roasting on the bank but my feet were enjoying their soaking. As they soaked i set about giving them a good clean . nails etc


I sat there for about 20 minutes before drying them and putting my shoes back on.well might as well wash my other socks while I am here. Time to walk can’t be much further to Old station! !.There is a short cut at a dirt road my map said .that was in 6 Dirt roads time. So i began counting down. 5/4/3/2/1  I followed the dirt road into the Rv camp and out the other side looking for the Post office as I neared it I spotted a familiar face it was white Angel. The lady who rescued my solar charger.
The shop has just shut she said .Bugger i fancied a cold beer. We sat and chatted for a while. She had been poorly and was worried about going up over the Rim tomorrow as it’s so hot and the lack of water.As we chatted I went through the hiker box and there was a lot if goodies in it which I grabbed. As we chatted  Trail dancer arrived he too was miffed at the shop being shut as he too fancied a beer.
He then attacked the hiker box and made his supper from it.
White angel was going to camp with a lady from the RV was getting late and so i decided to camp back out on the PCT and save money.i wandered back found a site and set up camp. Made hot chocolate then cooked a few things that I found in the hiker box. Yummy. Then time for bed.
I don’t need to get up as the post office doesn’t open till 9 do a lay in yippee. I lay on my sleeping bag as it was so warm. I checked my resupply strategy. To where I  need to post stuff then wrote up my blog. I was almost done when i heard snail snail
You want a beer?
It was Trail dancer. He had got a lift down the road to a store and had come back with beer..We sat outside my tent and cleared a few cans before he thought he ought to turn in too. Trail dancer sleeps in a hammock . So he enter to set that up
So time for me to zzz too.s


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