Day 78 leaving Chester

Woke early but dozed. Eventually came out of my tent at 8 am .had a   shower. before stripping down the tent
Had one last tidy up then tried to phone the post office in Sierra City.  Not open yet then Osprey. .had a text from smokes he was at the post office so I wandered over and met him at the dentist. We chatted a while. I told him friend had pushed on  I then left as i too needed to get back on the trail.but first few more  bits of shopping  cheese meat  done I walked across the street put out my thumb and was soon having a ride in an old VW camper

He was the local vicar and wanted to become a trail angel. .He dropped me off at the trail head. Where I signed the trail register and grabbed a Soda. Then time to walk. Again on my own
I enjoy company but prefer to walk on my own
It was now 11 am , much  later than I wanted and it was already in the mid 80 s and was due to climb into the 100 Fun
I walked on feeling alive and very happy the trail meandered it’s way along  but god it was hot..I was thankful that there was a lot of shade or i would of roasted .i brought a packet of tick-tacs to eat as I love mints but 5 minutes on the trail and their tick and rattle  drove me mad so I had to pour the whole contents into my gob at once..The English strap line is shake your tick-tacs but no just don’t !! or send them me in a ziplock.
The trail crossed many dirt roads and occasional a logging lorry would come along. I stopped after an hour and a half to chug down some still lemonade  my now drink of the trail. Wow I’ve done almost 6 miles. Surly that can’t be right. I ploughed on  pushing the miles until I came to the river. I did think about jumping in or just soaking my feet but there were other hikers there  so I pushed on over the bridge and upwards. I next came to a board saying spring. I always try to get my water from springs then i don’t have to filter. It was 1/3 of a mile but worth the walk .I topped up 2 litres after first drinking a litre. I love the ice cold tasty spring water. In the UK this type of stuff sells for many pounds and here it free.I  then headed back to the trail. .It wasn’t long before I need a break .so dropped my pack chugged more lemonade and chilled. I was soon past by freckles and jawbone. We said our hellos then they were gone.

Bear Mark
Bear Mark

I soon followed then a bear crossed in front of me a medium bear a golden colour I went for my phone .dead I went for my camera card full!.really really now.bugger.i put my phone on charge and took  a picture of the tree he was a attacking. He ripped huge chunks off to get at the grubs
.as I continued into the forest my friends the mosies thought I was dinner bloody things so I stooped and sprayed myself. .Then a dear walked past me she didn’t seem fazed at all.i walked on to visit a geyser.  It didn’t shoot plumes of water into the air but rather lots of steam. I thought it was exciting. As I made my way back to the trail i saw another deer but this lady had two fawns all say awe
Back to the trail this part of the trail

Boiling Lake
Boiling Lake

goes through volcanic land so my next treat was a lake of boiling water. Again amazing to see. It was now getting late and I was getting tired I was heading for a  forest camp. As I dropped down and neared camp more deer. At last the car park came into view. I  filled up with water then walked till I  found the campsite. There were several cars and tents i found a spot put tent made hot chocolate cooked dinner then bed.
Even starting late today i had covered 24 miles  and I was ready for bed zzx


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