Day 77 Zero in Chester

30 june

Woke far to early  considering I wasn’t going anywhere. So lay in my tent pondering my journey.
Then i tried to organise my blog I know I still have days missing but I am too far forward to look back but will spend some more time on it.
At last I emerged from my tent  grabbed my old solar panel and bits and headed for the post office. It was a beautiful day and was going to be hot.i bounced my food box to Mazama village create lake. Then eagerly opened my other parcel fantastic a replacement solar panel from solar monkey in the UK thank you so much customer support.
I love  this. Charger it has an internal battery too go buy one they are fab.okay sales pitch over but I love mine..Next a visit to the dentist as they support pct hikers. I had my photo taken signed the register got a. New tooth brush and toothpaste and $20 voucher for food yeah.
Then too the library to try and sort out my blog once and for all.
Whilst there several other hikers arrived to do the same..we all arranged to have lunch at the Locker room (restaurant)  with Shredder, Mountain Goat, Goat snail and new trousers and use our vouchers oh and watch the footy. Its funny all I seem to have eaten so far is cheese Burgers so i ordered a cheese Burger a pint of  Icky IPA mm and followed that down with 2 lb of ice cream . Well Germany won.  so I ambled off to the library one more time to sort our bits and pieces . Osprey said that they would replace my pack but I need to (a.)go to a shop or( b) pay fir another and they will reimburse when mine comes I’m getting low on money I’m trying to find a shop on route that has my bag and I can hitch to
Yes I had the scary shock that I’m spending too much money so need to be careful as 2.5 months to go (Panic)
Then back to my tent it’s been a bloody hot day over 100° so I sat with some loggers and chatted drinking a few beers util it was time to call it a night but it had been a very productive day

Lunch At the Sports Bar
Lunch At the Sports Bar
Hiker Food
Hiker Food

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