Day 71 More forest! !


24th June
I woke to  a little city of tents if all shapes and sizes. It was a warm morning as we all broke camp.Smiles was first away followed by ninja tank..Smokes was starting slow so I led off with nobodies friend following. It was interesting following the horse tracks from yesterday .The trail began to wind it’s way up  it became a tough  climb and I began to puff .Luckily the trail was the trees so fairly sheltered. At last it it began to wind it a way down and we emerged onto a dirt road..Ninja Tank was there taking a break .We hiked on and onto another climb higher and higher
.We took a Breakfast break.a hiker past us then came REI .Then back to the climb  it again was a tough one then we were over the saddle and began to drop down the escarpment. As we rounded one switchback we came across REI  taking his break .down and down we went and into the forest where we stated for much of the day so no lakes to tell you about. At last we emerged into a long meadow and could see the river flowing and then more climbing and this time not too much shade so lunchtime was declared.  As we we eating  Borealis came past and his girlfriend. .


We watched them go.then set about chasing them..again it was another climb.switch back after switchback. But we ere making good time .We needed water so stopped at a spring. We left our packs and wandered down the track. There is something fantastic about spring water. It’s taste and the cold .I filled up my bladder and a litre bottle and returned to our packs. For a 10 minute break. Our target for today was 22 miles and at the rate we were going we would hit that at 4.30. Great I love to get to camp early.well this is where we are hopefully meeting Smokes.yes we could of pushed on and made 25 Miles but 22 will do
At last our camp site cane into view. Fantastic. Tents up . nobodies friend went to the spring to go up on water. As I organised myself  Borealis  came by you stopped he said. Yes my millage is done for he day. But there’s still 3 hrs of daylight. Yes I said and I’m going to sit here and enjoy them.he then wandered off to get water. Then Tentstake appeared dropped her pack and too went to get water. I too then went to get water whilst there I took a bird bath washed my w hair and rinsed out two pairs of socks. Again such delicious spring water. Back at camp I made hot chocolate and then cooked spaghetti it was cooking smokes arrived so all is cool
We then chilled in the late sunlight


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