Day 70 Climbing out of Sierra City

23rd June
My third cowboy camping in a row and I slept so well. I got up and headed straight to the loos.
I then tried to squeeze all my gear into my pack .plus I was now carrying extra shoes .We headed back to the trail via a 1 1/2 mile road walk..
I was dreading this section a 7 mile climb!
I was leading so headed off .It actually wasn’t too steep as I went up switchback after switchback after switchback. About a 1/4 way up we stopped for water then off we went after several hours we emerged from the forest. As always great views the trail then headed across the mountains the trail here was awful it was loose shale and it kills my feet .I was busy marching over the stuff when  Smokes shouts SNAKE!! I must of walked right over it


It was a young rattler. They are most dangerous as they inject all of their venom. .so luckily I avoided him.
Off we March crunch crunch  on this shitty gravel  slate. Shale. At last the end was in site as I emerged out into a clearing. Lunch! ! After lunch it was a few yards for a spring to fill up with water.Then off i went heading for the parking lot at  Sierra buttes .Once  there it was a road walk and then back into the forest .This part of the trail was stunning full of flowers loads of dwarf lupins blues .yellows and whites. The Air smelt of pine and lemon and there were numerous butterfly’s. Lots of small blue and orange ones and several swallow tails I was enjoying this part even though it was hot..As I walked i was amazed at the stunning  view’s and again fantastic lakes brilliant blue and the sun shinning  on them

Today  is Hike naked day so obligingly I took off my clothes and hiked for a while  well it is the law !!

Nakid Hiking Day
Nakid Hiking Day

I was just putting on my clothes when two female rangers come by don’t know why but I just got the giggles .The day was getting on and it was almost 5.30 our camp spot wasn’t far away but why does the last miles always seem to take  forever to walk? .

At last we are here. I dropped my pack and walked up to find a spring, .mm cold spring water I filled a bottle then drank it straight down as spring water it is so tasty.

I haven’t filtered water since cow creek it will be weird to start filtering again. I had my tent halfway up when a bunch of cowboys came riding through. Cheekily I asked if they had a spare beer .They gave me two, one for Smokes…shortly their pack train came through bloody amazing to watch

I finished putting up my tent then began to cook I was tidying up REI arrived closely followed by “Big Smiles”, Ninja Tank, Borealis and Kate. They all chowed down with us time for bed


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