Day 68 zero in Sierra City


21st June
Well I have to say that was my best sleep for a while and I was cowboy camping.
So today is going to be a lazy day and hopefully catch up with  my blog.
But first breakfast. So off to the Red Moose .bacon eggs hashbrowns toast and coffee. .Several hikers were already eating. Wills.big sauce.  10 K
Breckfast took a while to come giving me plenty of time to charge my phone and chat with Sierra City today they are celebrating 150 years. So its a carnival atmosphere people are dressed in costumes of that era. There’s going to be gunfights and wanted people found and thrown in jail. There are side stalls all down the road .food stalls selling ribs.snd burgers and Bbq chicken and just a great atmosphere.


I then resent a box of spare gear up the trail and checked to see if my new trail runners and poles had arrived sadly not bugger bugger shit it now means that I have to walk the next 100 miles in falling to bits shoes that will wreck my new socks and possibly my feet shit There is nothing I can, I m feeling a despondent, nothing from Osprey about my pack. nothing from Altra about my current footwear.
To take my mind off i walked through the town sampling the food before  returning to the campsite behind the church to sit in the shade and  try to recreate my missing  blog days.
Every now and then gun  fire would fill the air, but I was happy chilling in the shade with my burger chips and soda.
Finally I took a break to try to sort out my issues, I borrowed Smokes phone and called REI .
They couldn’t change the delivery so I had to reorder and send up the trail they would then reimburse me when the first order gets returned..
Well that’s sorted then i relaxed on the deck with Foxy, Da vinchi. Trashy, smokes and myself. Smokes had a huge steak and jacket potato he was munching through .i was already stuffed as I was eating all the food that I couldn’t fit in my pack..
I really fancied a beer but I didn’t want to spend any more money so had an iced tea instead so thirst quenching
We sat laughing and sharing stories till it was time to head back and my second night of cowboy camping.
But it’s light and at 8 PM is it really bedtime?.
On trail yes but in town it’s weird. But I need a good night’s sleep as the  trail goes up a huge mountain first thing and guess what my pack is full
Once again. Thanks to all my friends who have sent me food and treats and good wishes thank you thank you thank you so much
Okay guess it’s bed then lol

Cowboy Camping

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