Day 67 Sierra city

20th. June
We were all up fairly early and hit the trail .Smokes had started a little ahead due to his sore feet.the trail started flat then dropped down into the forest. Because the sun couldn’t  penetrate the forest it was cold and I wished that I had out on my gloves.
Eventually we began to climb and at last sun as I needed warming up  .but soon I was too warm time to remove my jacket phew..As we wanted to get to town before the post office closed  there was some urgency in our walking and our normal long breaks became minutes. Again we entered the forest where a lot of logging was going on parts of the trail had been churned up do to the logs bring dragged out..We stopped by a bridge for a quick break and to top up our water. As we rested four large logging trucks came rumbling by they are busy today..We headed back into the forest and began to climb but not that steep. The trail meandered on then down. We paused to climb over a fallen tree Da vinchi is taking photos for the trail crew to remove it. Then we begin to go down. The trail is very rocky so I’m slow and the stones hurt my feet.its my least favourite surface but it’s the trail. It’s just so easy to slip or roll an ankle. At last it becomes a sandy surface and I speed up arriving
at a dirt road. Left or right? We continue heading towards the state park and then a short hitch to town.
The park is clean , tidy and well laid out with bear boxes dotted arround
The Americans really know how to do leasure I am so envious of the tents and campers.  the smell of good food cooking and clean people 🙂
We cross a bridge  over a river which is so clean I have an urge to jump in
What a great campsite!.
Just over the bridge is the Sheriffs car smokes stops to ask the officer which way to town and the next minute our packs are in the back and we are getting a ride into town in the Sheriffs car Fantastic!!! Loving it

Another Taxi
Another Taxi

He drops us outside the post office. Which is next to the store. Outside are s dozen hikers that we have been leapfrogging along the trail. Twinkle, Carrot, Sheriff Woody, Coughy, no chance, will,Twig and many more.
I dropped my pack and went into t post office. I had four packs .1 from my old coworkers at Staples UK Thanks so much it’s was really appreciated and another from a American lady who helped me on the trail again thanks so much for your generosity:-)
No shoes poles or anything from Osprey dam
Loaded up with my boxes  I headed for the church where we were going to camp. There were about a dozen hikers resting already. I went to set up my tent.but was clearly told snail we are cowboy camping.The word filled me with I reluctantly laid out my mat and spread my sleeping bag over it.then set about sorting out my resupply. Thank you again guys for my treats from England it was much appreciated you guys are the best.i was so chuffed and thank you my American all the excitement i didn’t write down all the names so apologises

Sierra City
Sierra City

And again I’ve sent my self to much stuff.i ll sort it tomorrow. Okay shower I headed over to the red moose . $5 for a shower.oh it was so good I think i spent about  40 minutes under that jet of water. Next laundry my clothes haven’t been washed for three weeks .I loaded up the machine. Then went to the store and ordered a burger they do do a 1/2 lb burger and a Gut Buster which is 1lb I went for the 1 lb and charged my phone while I waited.
God the burger was good .The guys then went to a bar for some refreshment and  sat out side drinking .relaxing and chatting to the locals and a couple from Holland who were on holiday. ..Finally time to go. We all grabbed a six pack and headed back to the church to finish off the day
Right bed time and my first cowboy camping experience

Cowboy camping
Cowboy camping
Getting There
Getting There


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