Day 66 On the way to Sierra City

19th June
We all slept well apart from noxious gasses in my tent from my bean chilli
Once up I went to visit the drop toilet. At the grub hut it’s two story as when it shows the top would be level.
We set off the four of us  myself leading. Followed by nobodies friend. Da vinchi and smokes. Smokes was bringing up the rear due to foot problems. The morning was fairly chilli but not cold.the trail started reasonably flat so we were flying along quite quickly. We stopped for our first break took off our jackets and watered the trees then we were off again. The trail dropped down through the forest. Which was nice and soft on my feet.i can’t wait for new trail runners as I’ve worn out my Altras, they only lasted three weeks, because they are wrecked I am wearing out my socks too.both my pairs have big holes in the soles and toes
Hopefully my new ones will be at the post office .


As we were walking through the forest we came across a maintenance crew. They were all volunteers and we’re going in to cut up fallen trees that block the trail.
We continued on the trail winding it’s way up through the forest. Eventually we came to a part that had major forestry. Trees had been thinned out and the trail was  torn up quite badly due to machinery. As we climbed the sun became hotter phew 85°  at last we  exited the forest and travelled along the ridge of one of the hills.
Lunch time i stooped in the shade and removed my pack the others did the same. Solar charges out and food bags. I ate bagels filled with roast turkey, Swiss cheese with mayo & mustard. Yummy. followed by orange that I carried from Truckee delicious.

Da vinchi and smokes
Nobodies Friend

We chilled for a while then time to walk. The next section was up a steep up that made me puff and puff.once again w were on a ridge that then switch backed along a was steep but we had a gentle  breeze to stop us from over heating. .The trail criss crossed the hills you think your going right and the trail takes you left. This continued for most of the afternoon till it was time to take a break. We all sat in the shade as the sun was now too hot.  .as we continued on we came across a lady on her horse she was riding the pct. I was quite impressed as the logistics are a nightmare. Luckily she has a great mum you meets her at the Trail-head with food etc.
We. We’re making good progress ,Our target for today 19-20 miles and we had 4  to go we stop by a stream to fill up with water. We there met a hiking couple who had just started we chatted. A while then headed for our camp and hopefully flat ground.
At last. Tent up unpack .We all gathered around my tent and ate dinner I tried re fried beans in a burrito it was okay but needed tomato and lettuce lol. we chatted about the day and tomorrow. We should get to Sierra City by mid day .We are all looking to having a shower and washing our clothes. Mine haven’t been washed for three weeks and yes I really smell. We have all agreed on a zero so hopefully Saturday we can sleep in take naps drink a beer or two and relax. because we haven’t rested for three weeks and we are all tired.

More Logs to climb

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