Day 64 Going Skiing

17th June
woke refreshed ready to begin. As I was packing Raggedy man came through we chatted for a while then we too were on the trail. We hadn’t gone far when Smokes was having foot problems. He suggested that we both went on and he would catch us up.Off we went our first climb of the day switchback after switchback higher and higher till we got to the top.we waited here for Smokes.but wow what a fantastic view. Tahoe lake was glistening in the early morning sun light . Smokes arrived but I could tell he was in pain.he had a blister on the pad of one foot and his Achilles was hurting on the other.he was going to struggle today so suggested that he would see us at off the two of us went. In the distance I could see several large mountains. Guess we are going over them!! As You could see the faint line of a trail.Luckily the climb up wasn’t that steep  and the higher we got we could see that it was one of the ski slope minus the snow !.After admiring the view we carried on to the next ski slope before dropping down into the forest. It was light and airy in here and I looked for a place to stop and take a break.
As we rested a hiker named plant came and joined us.then “Not a chance” came by  followed by Gufry hi snail they called see up the trail as they continued on to the creek.
A little later we continued down to the creek also nobodies friend took water but I had sufficient. .The other hikers were lying g in the sun and making lunch.we carried on and began to climb a steep hill up and up it went It was getting hotter and hotter. I was hoping to get to the top before taking a break but it was no good I needed to stop. Was had lunch under the shade of a tree.and rested before resuming the climb.The rest of the afternoon seemed to be one long climb and it was hot I need water so stopped at the first stream I came too.As I was filling up Twinkle and Gufry came past hiya snail called Twinkle er stopped and chatted and then they were gone. Both are ultra lite hike
and fast . nobodies friend and I re
Resumed our climbing and eventually  came out on another ski centre. Sat on the run was twinkle and Gufry.
What a great view down the Valley


Again it was slightly surreal seeing the ski lifts and no snow. We carried on trying to make our 20 miles . were doing good but again time for a break. Because of the ski centres I had service so managed to renew my phone contract whoop.but shit somehow I’ve lost 10 days of blog PANIC!!
SHIT BOLLOCKS and stuff it’s local so should be on my phone right!!!!!
I  will worry about it later.
We are still climbing heading for something knob but as we get to the ridge the wind comes and it’s cold. .We head for a clump of trees to shelter and take break
We are at mile 18 so we decide to find camp.we walk on and typically the trail heads up and as we walk the wind picks up and black clouds roll in. Looks like rain! Then it rains .We shelter under some trees while I rummage through my pack looking g for my rain jacket. .It’s raining and hailing but luckily not heavy.we want to move quickly but the terrain is very slippy slate and a steep fall down the mountain so slow it is .slow is is slow. We  both scourer looking for a suitable camp…Nothing nothing nothing. …
Down there!  It’s a bit off trail we leave markers on the trail in the hope Smokes  sees them and can see us
..We quickly put up our tents just in case it pours. Then cook supper.
We decide t to start late tomorrow to give smokes time to catch up


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