Day 63 A day in the woods

What a windy night my tent rattled but the wind d was mainly overhead. Once on the trail the wind came and decided to stay all day. Today’s section was spent in the forest. Yes we stayed in the forest all day so nothing much to see except trees. The forest was called Desolation and it was that, the exciting part was the fun of jumping over trees. The only good thing was the ground Was lovely and soft which was such a relief from yesterday’s rock and stone.
We wound our we through through the forest and I lost count of how many trees that i had to climb over , it was ever 40 ! After about an hour we came to a fantastic lake, although I have seen so many they always make me say WOW. . When we eventually stopped for lunch, I could hear the sound of engines, must be a road near by .When we resumed we son came across dirt track. We were just about to cross when 6 off road trucks came down.
They were all packed for some serious camping “Boys Weekend”.
Our next stop was a campground with a drop toilet whoop lol
We arrived and chilled out. As we sat a guy comes and chats to us
Rim or PCT  he asks.
PCT we all reply.
Smokes  complains that there is no trash can.
Oh I will take your trash if It’s bagged .
Instantly three trash bags are thrust at him.
We had done 16 miles and it is only 2.30 . We pushed on to get 20
It was a long steep hill up to another pass and followed by wind..
Once at the top there was a magnificent view of lake Tahoe .
We found a camp by a creek and  put up our tents and relaxed another day down..


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