Day 61 Echo Lake

14th June
We woke to a frosty morning brr it was cold best get moving to warm up
As w walked on the trail it was crunch crunch crunch on the icy trail and as we walked we left ghostly white footprints.  For some reason I found the crunching step amusing and was laughing to myself. I said to Smokes how we don’t have too wade through any water. Just around the corner the was a creek as Smokes crossed he slipped and I laughed. Then it was my turn and SPLASH I am sat in the freezing cold water with my pack.Smokes hauls me out and insists that I change into dry gear but it mainly my bottom half that’s soaked and my gloved hands.i remove my soggy gloves. My hands are freezing. Smokes lends me his .
I try to walk fast to warm up.but I am concerned about my sleeping bag. Did it get wet. And how wet?
We pushed on  and hopefully into some sun to help me warm up and dry out.
We began to climb as as we did more snow drifts appeared. I lost count on how many we climbed over. At last we began to drop down. We followed the contours of the hill it then turned to rock and became a scramble in places. In the distance I could see lake Tahoe with its runway .
Being rock the decent seemed to take ages before we entered the forest and a nice smooth trail. As I keep stopping to take photos I had lost sight of my two freinds but that often happens so I just plodded last in the distance was the parking lot. Great not far now to Echo lake. .I at last emerged into the parking lot. Mm no sign of my mates..Perhaps they hitched in  mmm what shall I do .or maybe they are just fast today?


I walked on  till suddenly I heard voices behind me it wa smokes and nobodies friend it appears that I somehow took a a short cut !!
Of we went again dropping down through the woods we then came out on a busy road that we needed to cross. We all ran across then rejoined the trail. It was steep and dotted with some smart cabins $$$$$$
Up and up the trail climbed zig zagging it’s way through the trees I puffed and panted my way up it.smokes had his cheese burger legs on and was gone.I
One and on the trail climbed to at last I began to descend. Again the trail exited in the parking was so busy cars parked bumper to bumper. People and dogs everywhere. Nobodies friend asked for directions to the store. And we were sent in the wrong direction. Eventually we made it smokes was there with his boxes.and so was Davinchi , Rafiki and several other hikers.
I forwarded a package to Chester then enjoyed a beer or two with Da vinchi followed by a quick shop.
I managed to ring Osprey about my pack.and emailed solar monkey about my charger.At this point every thing went wrong. My phone stopped charging. I managed to lock myself out of my blog. And email due to slow Internet speed. So i was getting so frustrated arrrrhhhhhh. BUGGER Smokes brought more beer so I tried to relax.i got chatting to a local lady who had a lovely old dog but time was getting on and it was becoming a bit of a wasted day
Okay let’s get out of here I packed up  again I have far too much food.
We moved off at 4.30  we were going to camp ASAP .We walked around the lake and past all the expense cabins
I was fairly envious of the people relaxing on their decks and the wafting smells of BBQ  food .so people waved as we followed the trail.
No where to camp and where we could was s bunch of no camping signs do we camped beneath one.we were tired we put up our tents and fought of the mosies
Tomorrow will be s better day


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