Day 58 1000 miles

13th June

Morning started rough I had full mosquito survival gear on and bug net well at least for a few hrs until we got off of the meadows and into higher elevation. .Once up I could see several lakes bit it was windy.i still haven’t put my rod into any water .why did I buy it again mmmm
We walked on and the sun began to shine  then we came to another spectacular lake back dropped with mountains and there was Da vinchi
He had caught a few fish for supper.
As we rested and chatted another hiker flew past.we all moved on together and it was time for actually want a bad climb but once at the top we hit snow some was solid other bits were mushy so it was difficult to follow the trail. But soon we were across and heading down and towards that goal of 1000 miles whoop
Down we went switchback after switchback crossing  stream after stream then a large bridge and 1000  miles
It was a huge milestone I am fairly proud of myself.never thought I g would or could go this far.its been a tough but super rewarding trip.
We stopped just past and ate lunch all of us pleased with our progress.
today  by passing the 1000 mile marker
We ate hoping to camp a little before Sonora Pass tonight  so should make Kennedy meadows North by lunch time tomorrow. Get rid of my bear canister a cheese Burger. Shower god I need a shower and wifi yeah
Yeah great day 1000 miles

Nobodies Freind
Da Vinchi

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