Day 57 Leaving Tuoluomne Meadows

I woke up feeling good. Timberline was already packed and about to leave. I said I’d drop his trash off for him.
I cleared out the bear box and stuffed everything into my pack. One last look around then time to go. I walked back through the camp and dumped all the trash into the huge dumpsters said good bye to Touloume and headed for the road. The Trailhead was a short walk away
I crossed over to the parking lot there were a few people in cars already and it was just gone 6.30.several people asked if I was a Pct. hiker and wished me luck. I walked down the track through a gate and I was on the trail. The first part must be a nature trail to as there were signs all along the trail about animals rocks trees etc. had to stop myself from reading them or I wouldn’t get very far
.Further down there was a path that took me to some hot springs again I had to go look.
The trail wound its way on .my guidebook had warned about a fast deep driver up a head so I was a little nervous .But on arriving at it I was relieved to see it was low and I could use stones to step across. On the other side were two hikers that I met yesterday one called smokes and the other nobodies friend. They were having breakfast we chatted a while then I moved on shouting see you up the trail. It wasn’t long till they both swept past me .I soon came to a large flattened stone area worn smooth by the old glaciers and or river.

Tuolumne River

I could hear the roar of the river so went to take some photos but I was immediately attached by a swarm of mosquitos. Bloody he’ll I ran for cover like a windmill trying to get away the loud BuzZzzzz in noise in my ear. I walked on pleased that I had brought a bug net before leaving Touloume. I was busy jumping streams and listening to the raging river as all the streams kept adding to its power.
Soon Smokes and friend past me and pulled away into the distance I just pottered along enjoying the scenery. I eventually caught up with them as they sat  enjoying a break and  the scenery I joined  them then headed off  again  I was  following Touloume  river  and  soon came to a large bridge  which  took me  to the other bank  Wow just  wow  the  river tumbled  down hill over  large steps  or rapids . I stood for about five minutes in awe .It was just bloody awesome. I crossed over the bridge and made my way down stream listening to the raging water. Smokes and nobodies friend caught me here and we took a few photos before moving on. I walking down a few switchbacks  then came  to another amazing sight the water now dropped over  a large  fall which was breathtakingly stunning
I had to video this  as  it was just so breath-taking far superior to the falls at Yosemite

Amazing Falls

I eventually had to drag myself away and walk on, although the water stayed with me for much of the day. and I crossed many streams , I eventually caught up with smokes and Friend again   who were  now having lunch  but  they were getting ready to move on  as I arrived . May catch you later I laughed. Dropping my pack on the ground and pulling off my boots and socks.

Simply Breathtaking
Friend & Smokes

I made lunch and rested in the warm sunshine.
Then another Hiker appeared called Da-Vinchi we chatted a while then he was gone.
No good snail I gotta walk. I Set off down the trail and then entered a forest. This   forest was filled with large mature trees and several large fallen trees. They were huge, massive .I stopped to look at several. WE don’t seem to have any large trees in the up anymore or I haven’t seen any. The trunks were massive. I carried on down the trail which was a series of ups and down via switchbacks. Then there was a loud rubble of thunder .MM that’s not so good I said to myself mmm may get wet. But I pushed  on as the skies grew darker and  the  temperature dropped   As I was going down and  there were large patches of snow  for me to navigate through , More thunder oh  this  doesn’t sound good ,.I decided  that  as soon as it began to rain id stop and  put up my tent . So I didn’t get soaked I learnt that lesson early. I carry on down the trail the sky growing darker   until I reach another large river.
I stop and stare at it for a while then I hear a whistle and look up to see “Nobodies friend “

Over here snail, I wade through the rapidly running river and out the other side. There in a clearing is Smokes, Da-vinchi they both have their tents up Smokes says Snail you can get yours in there and then Nobodies Friend puts his up too.
They too had decided to stop before the rain hit. Or maybe storm.
WE did get a few spots of rain  but  luckily I think it missed us. But it was nice to have some company  and sit together and cook our dinner then we all chatted for a while before it was time to turn in

Crossing Tuolumne River
Tuolumne River Awesome
Tuolumne River Cascading down the Valley

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