Day 56 Yosemite

Woke fairly early post had already left. I meant to wake up earlier. I packed up. Put all my food and kit into the Bear box with my bear canister. I packed a few snacks and water my tent and sleeping bag just in case and headed for the store. I was a little concerned about leaving my stuff in the Bear vault but didn’t want to take it to Yosemite.
At the post office I packed up some spare stuff and mailed it up the trail, I then arranged to bounce my food parcel from Toulouse to Sierra City.
Brought a sandwich and soda then headed out on to the road to try to hitch to Yosemite. I put out my trusty thumb and waited and waited. I watched ground squirrels playing in the field or dare on the roads. I watched deer grazing in the meadows. I watched car after car pass me by. At last a car it’s stopping. I got in it was a Chinese couple who didn’t speak much English. But we seemed to get by and laugh a lot .Yosemite is 26 miles away so we had plenty of time to try to understand each other. I think they wanted to practice their English on me.
We stopped twice to take photos. First the valley and then the waterfalls. Before they dropped me off at the visitor centre. It was hot but Yosemite was just wow so much to see and do. I should have got up earlier as I had left it far too late to try and climb half dome,
Just means that I have to come back another day

I wandered around the visitors centre before going to have lunch. After I jumped on a bus shuttle and was driven around to some of the spectacular waterfalls
OMG they were fantastic. I really wanted to hike to half dome. But sadly didn’t have enough time.
I had such a great day bloody amazing. Awesome!!
Time to hike home. But as I was trying to hike a couple told me there was a bus. So I walked back only to be told it only runs on the weekend. Grr
so I walked back stuck out my thumb and began walking down the road out of Yosemite. It took me about 30 mins to get a ride. He dropped me at the junction of 120. I then began to walk again as I walked suddenly a bear ran across the road in front of me followed by two cubs. Bloody OMG MOMENT!!! Two quick for my camera. But it made my trip, 5 minutes later a coyote walks across in front of me just wow. Then I get a hitch. Father and son on a bonding weekend. Well they gave me a few beers well a lot of beers do much that I was quite drunk by the time they pulled into Tuolumne meadows.  They thanked me for bring such a great passenger.
I staggered over to a bunch of hikers who were sat outside the store. I introduced myself and they gave me more beer. There was smokes, nobody’s friend, timberline the Frogs and stumble
we all walked back to the campsite. I was relieved that my stuff was all okay. I set up my tent then we all sat around one of the picnic tables drinking and munching on snacks.
Before heading to our tents.


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