Day 55 To Toulumne

As I emerged from my tent at 6 am beacon was just moving off.
Milepost and I packed up and set off in pursuit. It was a fairly cool morning so we both had our jackets on.but a strenuous climb and decent soon meant we had to stop to remove them. It was now becoming a glorious day. As we walked we came across many day hikers who asked us about the pass and snow. You can tell day hikers as they smell so nice lol unlike me lol. Mile post had obviously recovered from yesterday and I was beginning to struggle to keep up but I was surprised as he was actually towing me along. But I can’t keep this pace up so I said I’ll see you at the park!!
The trail spent most of the day in long wide meadows, occasionally a river would meander by my side .Occasionally I could see deer grazing I was plodding along lost in my own little world when I heard Snailtrainer. It was Milepost he had stopped for lunch good idea so I joined him.
We were not that far from Touloume and the thought of a cheese Burgers and cold beer. The term for this is cheese Burger legs as you seem to have extra energy when this food is on offer!
We eventually arrived at the park, but the place looked deserted and the restrooms were locked. The only people there were workmen who were getting the park ready .I walked through and out to the Rangers station. He said the park was closed but Pct. hikers can camp at the “hikers spot” at the back. Brilliant  so we made our way back through the camp and looked for the “hikers spot”
It was a fairly large area with Bear vaults. We shoved our gear  inside the one of the  vaults then headed for the shop\post office and our cheeseburger
Sadly the shop had no water so couldn’t cook BOO HISS HISS
so it was beer and a I went to sit outside I noticed Beacon was there. WE chatted for a while. But he wasn’t t stopping just passing through. Milepost went to get his resupply boxes he had four large ones OH my god  he  had so much stuff .so I was able to resupply from all of his spare food great lol. But can I carry it all!!
we all sat in the sun enjoying  the rest and  drinking a few ales
t was still early so I wandered back to camp put up my tent and relaxed in the afternoon sun drinking mammoth IPA oh yes I tried to catch up with my blog  but then hit the sack
Tomorrow Yosemite oh yes in deed 🙂


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