Day 54 Donahue Pass

was just breaking camp when I thought I saw twinkle come by hiya twinkle I called and walks over but no it wasn’t him, but another hiker called Mile post and closely behind him was another hiker called Beacon. I watched them go .finished packing and hit the trail too. It wasn’t long till I caught up with Beacon. who is a bit like me not fast but steady lol. The trail began to now climb switchback up the mammoth mountains lurking I’m the background. The higher I climbed the more melt water streams I had to cross. Most were easy to cross so dry feet ūüôā
I was plodding on when I heard voices it was Milepost chatting to two female hikers. I waved and continued on upwards. I eventually came to a clearing where the views were breath-taking I stopped and began taking a few pictures. Then the two female hikers appeared and took a photo for me .I couldn’t help not I’ve the older of the two had odd shoes on .Yes she said a deer stole my other one .Deer like shoes and poles because of the salt.
I began following after the two ladies but they were too fast and I dropped back .I went back to hiking at my pace I came to another stream break time I topped up water and rested. Milepost then appeared with beacon. Mind if we join you?


Not at all .Beacon was 72 and bloody amazing he’s done most of the big hikes. Beacon then moved off milepost asked if he could hike with me? Are you sure I’m slow!
He said he was actually hung over from mammoth brewery yesterday .I laughed and then we both set off together. Nice to have some company, plus there was a big pass to climb coming up. As we were walking a black lab shot by me .took me a little by surprise, then the owner appeared we chatted about the PCT then he went after his dog.
Then a gorgeous chocolate lab shot by again shortly followed this owner.
As we continued on we were then passed by a day hiker who was on the way to Toulouse. But he looked out of place. Unprepared and odd.
As milepost and I continued on the trail became a series of streams and rivers then we came across a gorgeous lake backed by snowy mountains it looked just amazing. As we got closer we could see both dogs swimming brr.
We climbed higher so we had a good view then stopped for a snack
in the distance more mountains loomed one we were going over!!
As we got nearer the snow got deeper and deeper and more streams creeks to cross
Milepost must be feeling better as he had an amazing knack of being able to spot the trail under snow!!!!
As I followed on behind him the pass was looming ever nearer. But the day was moving meaning the snow was becoming deeper and softer and more difficult to the trail. We were both sure it went to the left but getting g there was becoming slow and difficult as we were both potholing. But we were winning and soon we were climbing jumping from rock to rock straight up hoping we would soon catch the trail. Milepost was like a goat I wore cautious in my new slippy slide trail runners. At last we found the trail and began to speed up as it switched up the pass as we got higher we could see Beacon who was going the wrong way. BEACON BEACON HERE! He eventually heard us and changed course. Also we shouted yon the odd bloke who seemed lost too. The higher we went the more hazardous the snow became and a lot more slippy. Almost St the top was a large snow field to cross we took it in turns .but again it was so soft that you post holed all the way across
At last the pass was crossed and I could stare down into Yosemite Valley whoop.


But on the south side there was a whole or more snow to deal with
Milepost led the long slow journey down the rest of us followed in his footsteps. Again you could hear the unsettling roar of water rushing down beneath your feet (SCARY)
the slope down was steep and very slippy I was behind beacon but he was being encouraged extra cautious. So I overtook him and foolishly began to stride down the mountain falling and slipping several times!!
At last soul began to appear and our pace began to quicken and again I’m amazed how milepost without a GPS managed to pick put the trail. As we climbed into a valley we came across the two female hikers and two other hikers so bathing. I was so jealous love the time to do that lol
See you guys we said then continued down. Milepost is an ultralight hiker and would normally hike 30 plus miles per day!! Puts my 16/18 to shame but then is pack is also half the weight of mine.
We were pushing today and I may break my mileage. At the bottom of the valley were several lakes mm guess we need to cross those!
There were stones but I needed longer legs but I managed to stretch
the trail now climbed up the other side of a hill. milepost was now like a blood hound who had the scent I I was having to increase my speed to keep up and I was knackered
But our camp want far away (I hope)
At last we began to drop and again I was in Narnia¬†but rather than walking down the hills I was more falling or sliding on my arse. But the lower we went the less snow there was hurrah .then a river yeah that’s a good sign as our camp is by a river bridge surely we can’t be far, can we ?
Hurrah a bridge a bridge I was so happy to see a bridge as my legs were like jelly. Pushing through all that snow just saps my energy.
We crossed the bridge I chose a flat bit of ground and my tent was up.
Mile post was just finishing putting his up when beacon arrived.
I cooked tea but as these two were ultralight hikers they don’t carry stoves do all their food is cold. (No thank you)
Hot chocolate and chilli for me
The River was fairly noisy but I slept well.


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