Day 53 Mammoth not woolly

Saturday June 7th 2014

It is cold again, but this time not freezing. I wake once to wee and stare at the amazing array of stars that twinkle overhead the skies here are so clear. But it is cold so I crawl back into my sleeping bag and drift off again, curled into my little ball.
I wake at six and I stuff my things away- I’m ready to go by 6:25.  A good time. I put on frozen shoes, yanking the laces to get them loose. I pour water and milk powder into my mug then pour in a handful of mixed breakfast granola nuts fruit and then it is time to hike.

I feel good today. I feel happy. I feel alive. No ache or pains yet. I push on I am hiking through dry pine forest, then I am climbing up the sides of mountains
I begin to hear voices and then come across a family who are day hiking after the normal chats and wow you’re the hiking the whole trail they advise me to take this trail Duck Lake Pass.
I make my way to Duck Lake Pass and I begin to climb, up and up, past a series of glittering blue lakes, their tops in ice. It is very snowy as I trudge along, post-holing in the noonday sun.  But soon I’m coming down and I can see people, clean people nice smelling day hikers.

“Like birds! Like when you’re at sea and you see birds, and you know you’re nearing land.”

Taken from Carrots blog but just so true
At last I am at the trailhead, I take an obligatory dump in a pit toilet, well it would be rude not too and a few minutes later there’s a road where a shuttle miraculously appears- the free shuttle to Mammoth Lakes., I wriggle out of my pack as the bus stops and climb aboard, amazed to be moving by means other than my two feet. The shuttle winds around several lakes and clean smelling day hikers get on and off. I am in Mammoth Lakes, warm sun beating down, a bustling town. I pass by the Brewery, this will do me an English man and beer
I  sat  in  the  sun  with  other smelly  hikes  and a few  familiar  faces
And began to savour my  pint of  Epic IPA 6.5%   then  ordered  a burger and  fries and another  beer  this was a stout and  mmm very  nice .
Okay one more then I must make a move
Okay  I’m fed and  water  need  to  get  out of  here  as  I’m about  to  leave      a lady  asks  me  if  I need a ride  as  she   is  dropping  her son  who  is a ranger  back  up  at  the  park!
Yes  please
we  drive  up  towards  one  of  the  mountains  past  numerous  deserted  but  massive  ski  ramps  ,lifts and  chairs  round and  round    we  drive  until we  pulled  into  a parking  bay
I got out and thanked my driver. then walked  over with  Steve  who  was  talking  over  on the  gate house .
There is a steady  stream  of  car  waiting  at  the barrier to be  let  into  the  park..
I had  arrived  at  the Minaret summit  entrance
Steve tells  me  to  continue  down this  road for about  3 miles   keeping  left    and  I will eventually re-join  the  pct.  
I  thanked  him  slipped  past the barrier and made my way down the  road .
It  was fairly  narrow  in places  and  so  I  had  to  stand  well in as  cars  approached
I  continued on  pausing  to  take  in the  views  of  the  huge  mammoth mountains all around  me .
Down and down I plodded in the warm sunshine  eventually  I  came tom a sign  pointing to  the  PCT  Hurrah I  walked along a trail  and  there in front  was a trail  register 
Down and down I plodded in the warm sunshine, eventually  I  came tom a sign  pointing to  the  Agnew Meadows and  the  PCT   Hurrah   I  walked along a trail  and  there in front  was a trail  register  mile I am at mile  906

As  I  wrote my name  mobbed by  mossies so quickly hiked  on . I  wasn’t  gaining to go too  far  just to escape the town  and then  find  somewhere to sleep

I set  off across a fresh  green meadow  but a hill loomed in front  of  my  the  switchbacks  very plain  to  see  and  so  soon I  was  climbing , climbing but  was struggling a little.
I wonder  if  that  has  anything to  do  with  the  beer  tasting .  okay  that  will do I  found a spot just  off  trail  swept  the area removing stones  and  sticks  then  my  tent was up .  Just  behind  there was a rocky outcrop which I climbed and watched an amazing sunset
Before  cooking my  supper  and  sleep


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