Day 47 zero in Lone pine

Sunday 1st June
It’s June!!!
Woke up refreshed. Shower. Coffee then breakfast. Had the best hash browns ever not the processed frozen ones of super markets. But real crispy saucer size  ones delicious. Well my room mate has gone .I’mm just going to chill rest my foot ready for the trail tomorrow
Oops looks like I’m moving rooms they need a female only dorm so I’m moving next door with all the other Smelly Hikers lol. .I should of taken a photo of the room before the maid came.. I was never seen so a empty beer bottles and cans . They filled a Dustbin (trash can).
Now relaxing ,an American guy has  just brought a cheap  fishing rod
I want one..I now have one.lets see if I can catch some thing.
Excited now. FISH
I made a sandwich to use all my bits up.
Okay from day 1 I have been hiking in my big boots and they have looked after my feet but I have decided to try some trail runners so I’m resting my boots

I have boxed my boots to send up the trail. (Just in case) .Can’t wait to get back on to the trail. I have Checked out the bus timetable dam doesn’t fit with my plans.  So guess it’s hitching. Hope I have better luck getting out than I did in getting in.
So post office first then i will head out
And for a better chance I have shed my beard took a while to remove it but it had got all all clean shaven for a  a day or too.
Just had a wander around town at dusk oh my god the bats here are bloody massive like crows best I buy some garlic


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