Day 46 Lone Pine

Saturday 31st May
Slept well in a bed nice .But had chores to do . yesterday’s crappy hitch had messed up my plans as I had missed the post office “Closed on Saturdays” so I wandered through the town.spent far too long in a real hardware store. Sadly we don’t have many left in the UK it’s all B&Q  or Home base . Then off to get shopping I was buying for Tuolume meadows and for Sierra City. As these locations have a poor selection (so I’m told) so I’m posting resupply boxes there. .God what a lot of food and they didn’t have all that I wanted. Whilst in the store I met French toast we chatted for ages on how their hike was going . Before I dragged my shopping back to my room. I then brought another can of propane for my stove paid for another night and  grabbed two empty shoe boxes to but my resupply into.
Now to decant the food I like this bit ripping open boxes and decanting things into Ziploc.  ALL DONE .I felt quite pleased big job my sleeping pad had a leak so I filled the bath .there’s the bugger a small tear that I couldn’t find. I marked. It up ill patch in a moment.then I hung my tents footprint over the balcony to dry. Tick .Off to library next, if it’s open as my  better photos are on my camera.

So too the library.  The library  is  empty so i ask the lady  if  i can use,  She  tells  me  i get  half an hour , (i thought she was joking) I got  the allotted half   hour and no more.The library is completely empty so i ask what if i make a  donation? I  and have more time? No!!! Oh well. how  weird . I could understand if the library was packed  and  people  were waiting  oh  well !!

I then found an Internet cafe and that was much more civilised and faster. and  i could  have a drink and  bite to eat while i uploaded
But sorry Americans the air  con was so cold  i  couldn’t  stay  any longer or i would of froze , but i got most  of it  done
Back to the room have some lunch then laundry. I made a cheese, Ham and tomato sarnie and woofed that with chips..Then there was a knock I had a new room mate and as my stuff was spread everywhere I had to quickly tidy up.Then to the launderette. well I washed all my gear  but it still looks  really dirty and  smelly  .maybe a  hotter wash  next time.oh well its done.Steve was my roommate he W’s a biker who had gone out from Bishop for a ride. He will stay tonight and go home tomorrow. I showed him how to use the Internet. Encouraged him to learn and maybe a tablet was the way to go..He wanted to watch the baseball so I went got some beers and watched it together the guys in yellow won!!



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