Day 43 Heading to Forester pass

Wed 28 may
I slept so well.went guess I was tired so a 9/10..I packed up grabbed a breakfast bar and I was off.foot was aching but not as painful as was cold I miss my missing beanie. I have another coming but it missed me at Kennedy meadows. I was walking through forest and the sun was beginning to rise. Wasn’t long till I was maneuvering over my favourite boulders again grr. Then i dropped down into  a nicer forest with big open valley and river and in the background deer.i was miles away when a hiker said hi.I was in Cotton wood.there were about a dozen tents .as I was walking through I saw Twig and Lead dog getting ready to leave we chatted a while then it was time to cross the river. Luckily there were large branches to cross. Once across we walked together to the cross roads on the other side .There was Tent stick we  chatted then two fluffy things shot by the were marmots they were the same animals I saw the other day.I headed off straight up typically. My friends were doing  mount Whitney but with my foot I opted out of the 16 miles round trip.
My next target is forester pass and snow..I’m a bit apprehensive of the snow but I will tackle it when I get there.The snow is deep in places and I experienced my first post holing. This is when you walk on snow and your foot goes straight through up to your crutch..It’s scary at first then you get used to it then you fall over and laugh. .I was descending when I heard  the tap tap and a lady from Yosemite called Robin  caught up with me (not difficult ) She had tried to go up Whitney but experienced altitude sickness so had to turn back . We walked together for many miles.shes a photographer at mammoth in the ski season. We walked on together and I noticed she had a fishing rod. Robin has been catching trout on the trail and eating. I was fairly impressed! !.We soon came to another river crossing this one was boots off.Fuck that water was cold and came over my knees.  Once across I sat in the sun warming up.Robin tried to catch fish. Spider man was here also. I made tea then Grape nut strolled straight across the river then wished he hadn’t. .I washed my socks and as chilling when Tent stick appeared she was halfway across in her boots balancing on the rocks before she gave up and jumped in.The others headed off while I relaxed with my tea.while I was chilling two other hikers made it across the river . there names were dirty-girl and  Tidy camper Dirty girl was really fun and enjoyed the banter and taking the mickey out of me.again I could of sat and chatted  all day..But I needed to walk .From chatting to other people it was better to camp about three miles away from the trail as it will be warmer.So that’s my another 6 miles to usual it’s up then the trail evens  out and it’s a great trail through lush forest and then it’s boots off time  for another wade through another river.river. Brrrrr. must admit the cold water was great for my feet. .as I’m walking the scenery becomes awesome  it’s almost 360° wow it’s just amazing. I stop and sit and just stare it’s totally amazing.its just amazing. Then i climb another hill and it’s even   better and then there is a lake wow I’m so glad I did this trip and I’m not even halfway :0)
I am now descending down a scree into another forest this is where I am I’m looking for a Bear box.a steel chest that you store food in.Then I spot Robin and then more Hikers,Hemlock John spidy .Because it’s early the sun is hot so I pitch my tent and chill out.then Double tap. Appears long time no see.then Mowgli and Doc came through they were all moving on then Tent stake appeared (name correction)
She pitched her tent also another couple John and Karmia put there’s up and finally Spider man joined us.we were all chatting  as DC  comes through. See you guys tomorrow. We all cooked dinner then chatted away
Tent stake was having a bad day. She lost her rain jacket .then she was having issues with  her tent so we all helped bless. Think she was having a stress attack. Think she missed her mates and didn’t want to hike alone.
It’s a pity campfires are banned at this location as it would of been perfect
As it was now getting cold .John and Karmia were heading out at 6 am I would set off at my normal 7 am.


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