Day 39 trying to leave Kennedy Meadows

24th May
Well we sat around the campfire. Late into the night doing trail confessions  and the usual stories about pooing on the trail.The main subject out  here  that and food..It was my first night in my New tent and lots of room.i slept well but woke at six my usual time. As I emerged there was a dozen hikers sat around the camp fire I joined them.i want to be out of here by lunch time. Then there was a call for  breakfast at Grumpys. Yeah that sounds a good plan about 12 of us hikers piled into the  pickup and we’re driven the three miles. We all ordered  the breakfast pancakes.bacon and eggs and potatoes bloody awesome. Okay back to camp and pack up that W’s several hours ago .so here I am at Toms cabin  so ill finish this blog and go pack up and hope to to  a dozen miles. I’ll add more photos in 6 days when I get to Lone pine
Hope your enjoying my blog feel free to ask any questions or comments

Breakfast at Grumpy’s
? Not a Chance and Mongo enjoying a sip of wine
Snail & Pink Panther
sheriff woody ?? and Sherpa
I love This place

Well I Left Toms Cabin and headed back to my tent come on you need to go.i  had issues with my inflatable mattress in the fact it kept going down so I covered in soap and water and blew it up …………nothing.then the other side. ……….nothing .I need a pool really. Oh well I wiped it clear and rolled it up.stuffed my sleeping bag into my pack then stared at the Bear canister. Where the he’ll are you going to fit.i shoved in my clothes then stood the Bear canister up. .hmm that works I then stuffed every thing in around it done .
Now where the water going to go!!!.I managed to squeeze that on top . brilliant. Okay I box to post. Pay my tab and oh yes I’m waiting for a parcel but it hasn’t come so now it needs to be forwarded. Dam oh well. My tab was high but it includes. Laundry. Shower. Holding and send mail food oh and beer.but I have walked 700 miles I deserved a beer..I am a little surprised I thought it was all Budweiser and Coors. No disrespect guys.but no there are some mighty fine micro breweries producing some great beers.i am go loving the IPA’S although most start at 6% and go up.tasty 🙂
So at last I’m ready.some day hikers are just leaving and offer to drop me off at the Trail head. Great.

I hoisted my. Pack onto my back and I’m off.its a gently start a nice meandering sandy path. That then continues through rich pine woods. Then to my left the river appears it’s the same one that I followed into Kennedy Meadows. .I love the sound of the river as it rushes over stones and gurgles it’s way down stream.The time is 2.30 and hot 85° which brings out the smell of the pine. I love that smell. I am miles away when several day hikers pass by.hi have a great hike then they are gone. I am now crossing a bridge. I stand and stare at the water from the middle before urging myself to get a move on. The trail now begins to climb but not too steeply, my pack feels good.i have lost the weight of my tent and gained a bear canister but it feels good. This part of the trail is now full of boulders j don’t like these parts as i need to concentrate on where i step because of my knees and so i am fairly last the boulders have  gone and I’m dropping down into what  appears to be  a big burn area and that means log jumping i’m rather good now.this log jumping section wasn’t too big so perhaps it’s a junior course. Although some big trees did need climbing over.these were typically burnt so you got a black bum hands etc such fun. Luckily no Poodle bush. But some nasty thorny plants to scratch your legs such fun. This burn area went on for a while then i emerged into a lush green valley. I am just amazed how the landscape changes from mile to mile.on i walked i was trying to do 12 miles today. Not bad as I didn’t start till watch was counting down Bing. Okay ill check the GPS at 6 pm. On I walked I was now in a thick pine forest. My favourite parts of the trail.i think I’m doing okay I said to myself love a sucky sweet but they hadn’t any at Kennedy sob.  So a breakfast bar will have to do . Bing went my watch great let me find a place to stop and sit.Right let’s see what I have done. ..oh fab I had done more okay but it’s 2 miles more to a reasonable camp…yeah I can do that. As I exited from the forest again I was in another lush valley but this one was so wide and in the distance mountains, although I couldn’t see mount  Whitney. Tomorrow maybe. I’m currently at 2900 metres so that climbs going to be tough. Okay I am at the right mileage let me find a spot.yep that will do. My new tent went up fairly easily for my second go.I now have a Big Agnes Fly-creek 3
Loads of room. Dinner was couscous with a packet of tuna srummy and tea of course. My bear vault is under a nearby tree with rocks on my other food is hanging in a bag in the tree.night all


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