Day 38 Zero in Kennedy

Kennedy Meadow
Kennedy Meadow
My Tent
My Tent
My New TEnt
My New TEnt

Typical I did high mileage and drank a few beers but couldn’t sleep. My back was aching last night and so I couldn’t get comfy. I emerged from my tent at 7 am, a few people were sat around the camp fire.i needed a cuppa but the water is off till 8.30. so I chilled on the logs sat by the fire.  It was Great meeting every one yesterday .  Great the water is on. time for Tea, then I need a shower and to  do my laundry. Shower done God  how   I needed that. Dam the laundry queue is long dam and I need to wait get my clothes washed then I can get my bear canister and get organised. So i sat with fellow hikers on the deck drinking coffee and chilling. They are serving breakfast so i decide to try “biscuits and gravy. Unique! ! Sort of scones covered with cheese sauce with hash browns and fried egg .and yes I’ll order again.
Some people have asked if they can send me stuff!.why of course. I love jolly ranchers hard candy.
Knor sides ie pasta and sauce, or savory rice all sorts..and any dehydrated meals chili. mountain house brands. Any candy love  “lara bars”. dried fruit pineapple. Blueberries etc . tuna pkts. .energy drink powers . snickers. Jelly beans. Cheetah chips
If from the UK foxes glacier fruits or imperial. Flavored couscous. route is on my page but allow time as I’m ahead of schedule.  And address as pct hiker
Thanks in advance
I go pick up my resupply boxes, but because I’m going to be carrying the extra weight of a bear vault and ice axe I’ve decided to change my tent. My vaude terratrio 2p weighs just over 7 lb and has been brilliant, reliable and robust but I can’t carry that with the extra gear. I have carried it 700 miles. so sadly I’m sending it up the trail. My new tent is a Big Agnus flycreek 3 and weighs 3 lb so i will test it out and put it up.I was hoping to change out my boots but the Internet access and phone accees is pants so can’t upload anything significant until I get to Lone Pine in about a week..
Well laundry is done and dried.My new tent is up looks okay.other tent mailed . Must be beer time lol and a burger.

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