Day 37 Kennedy Meadows

Well I set my  alarm for 4.45 I’m going to attack this section………
I crawled out of my tent at 6 bugger bugger bugger people were streaming past. I heard some familiar voices it was Big Sauce and Wales.  I walked over and we chatted for a while, then walked  back to my tent to break camp and then set off after them but I’m guessing they would be there 3 hours before me .
I was dreading the start as I knew it was uphill for most of the day.
So I rolled up my wet tent and I was on the trail. It was indeed uphill. But the aromour was so sweet it was a mixture of rosemary sage and a plant I think is called old man..I had such a good sleep but my feet were leaden. Come on legs don’t let me Down. Climb climb climb come on Snailtrainer, It takes me at least  an hour before the body checks in . today was taken longer plus maybe the atmosphere the height.  I climbed higher trying to gain speed. The day had started damp so I had my thermal on but a it warmed up I needed to change. Okay ill get to 9 am and take a break.
Come on watch say 9 at last I stopped changed my thermal had breakfast and a nice mug of tea.  That seemed to do the trick so I was up to a good speed.Next water in 10 miles .I am cool with that. I marched on the miles whizzed by i am thinking 10 miles that will be approx 1 pm lunch time
The trail was fairly friendly level or down ,Then the rain came bugger bugger I had to stop and remove my solar panel as I’m not sure if it’s waterproof
I walk on  in my shirt do I need my rain jacket? I will  wing it ,It’s raining but not hard. Then the sun comes out again grr. the weather is weird.  .The black clouds hover over head threatening. Ping goes my watch,  not long soon be lunch. The scenery as ever was amazing I just love it.I am heading down that normally means water! !  Ping great lunchtime. I boil up a coffee and eat lunch.  I check the GPS bugger dam bugger I was hoping I had done enough miles in the morning but it tells me that it’s another 10 miles  to Kennedy meadows. Dam bugger that means a hard afternoon
I sulkily pack up then start my march. Snailtrainer you can do this. I set off at my top speed (fast in my head)  there are some great views but I’m on a deadline I need to be some where
Stomp go my feet I’m in a hurry. I go past the water. I don’t need it I can get to Kennedy on what I have .The weather is a good a cool breeze  I like it ,on I walk the clouds are getting darker come on I say to them don’t bugger about now….
Come on boy I say to myself.
But the rain comes. .I’m. Fine. ..Come on I’m at max speed (in my head) then three hikers come up behind me and the bastards are running “twinkle, Coughe  and Sheriff Woody.  Guys that’s really not fair.
Just down the valley there is a river a welcoming site when your low on water but I’m good so i marched on
I’m going to Kennedy meadows and mile 700 I’m on fire lol
I followed the river for several  miles before it began to climb as I climbed miles 696 I saw what I thought was a dog swimming. So sat and watched it turned out to be a beaver wow.
Okay Kennedy Meadows 4 miles to go. Come on  …on I strolled. Now typically the sun was out and it was hot very hot. The miles were falling but not as fast as I want, It cant be far now
I’m at mile 702 where are you Kennedy Meadows
There is a trail register, so  I stop and sign. It’s got to be here.  I check my map and GPS. .Another hiker passes me can disappears into the distance. I’m confused. It should be here. The hiker comes back .Think I went wrong he says. We ponder at the maps. It’s got to be this way
we set off but he’s fast. I plod on yes yes Kennedy Meadows I can see it I walk up to the deck
Everyone cheers that I have arrived so many friendly faces
I dump my pack and go for beer. I choose a six pack of IPA  more cheers.
The atmosphere is fantastic.i grab a burger and we all talk Bollocks.then I’m introduced to carrot.  Carrot Quin is a lady who’s blog I followed last year. So celebrity status to me and  she’s doing it over again
I asked her why do it again ?.She replied why do it the first time !!!! Enough said..Then the Pink panther arrived my friend from months back. .The conversation then drops to problems pooing in the woods well it made us all laugh it was getting late so off to put up my tent. As I pass by a fire ring (campfire) there was Bucklebury the Dog with his owner who i can’t remember. They are walking the PCT .When my tent is up i join them by fire circle. It was soon joined by all the guys  and it was a great night singing and chilling. .The best part of the Pct

Photos to follow

“The Boss,Sherpa and Twinkle”
“Rafiki, Sherrif Woody ? Big Sauce

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