Day 35 heading to walker Pass

Tuesday 20 may
Well I made it through the night  sun’s out but it’s cold maybe that’s because I’m up a mountain ! But I’m up early surprising when I didn’t get any sleep. .just as I’m packing up borislias came past another Canadian trying to get home.brrr it’s cold and clouds fill the sky..It hasn’t been this cold before my face aches with it and then wind is back I zip my coat further up and trot on. I haven’t gone to far when wow the site in front of me halts me in my tracks.the views are breathtaking. I stand and stare then snap a few photographs. You think this view can’t be beaten the. You round another corner and wow this is even better. So most of my morning I covered very little ground as it was stop stare snap. ….Sadly my camera can’t do it justice but believe me it’s breathtaking and stunning. The wind continued to howl and I was bloody freezing. I like a little breeze but get no rest bite normally one side of the mountain is sheltered but both bores when you changed directions.Come on sun chase those clouds away. The stunning scenery continued as I walk on trying to get to walker pass and beyond.i felt good apart from cold and I was making good time . I have done two big day with big mileage so should be there soon I can do this.  I can get there today it’s still early. The trail was not too bad, today a good mixture of landscapes..Must be lunchtime I stopped dropped my pack.but no sooner had i sat down the  sun went in and the wind howled again in less than five minutes I was completely frozen so packed up and walked on but my hands in gloves were numb.Come on out Sun I shouted. .I was still wearing my coat. That’s how cold it is as normaly that’s put any after an hr as I’m sweating. ..But not today the miles rolled .Is that  Walkers pass  whoop whoop .shall i camp here or head up the mountain.but first take some photographs of the momuments
Okay it’s still early are we ready to climb body…A deadly silence
Guess that means yes then.@!!!
Up we go it looks high by now i have come to realise if you see a mountain in the distance your going up it
It’s was a series of switchbacks then I heard a voice it was a jolly jogger going up omg  you mad fool I said lol. But I’m not carrying a pack and he was gone. Up and up and up then my friend the wind came back
Coat back on change gear here we go.round and round back and forth then wow OMG THE VIEWS down the pass were amazing .The views were almost 360  Bloody amazing.
The sun was beginning to go down so I looked for a spot. I’m exhausted. .tent place now .tent up food eaten .Please no wind tonight zzzzxZZZZZzzz.
Photos added


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