Day 32 zero in Mojave

Sunday 18th May
Dam when I’m not getting up remember to switch off my alarm clock! !
Mm slept so well.went and got coffee, payed for an extra night and wireless access. Fantastic done need to leave my room till 12 so I can walk to post office ( a mile away) Pack up and then head back to the trail.
I’m staying at Motel 6 it’s great clean cheap and it has a pool whoop.

Now I have Wifi I’m catching up with my blog excuse all the (Full stops) It’s hard typing on my phone.

I have been trying to up load a video  but cant get it too load mm  grr.
Well what a tiring day I sat on the grass under a tree and ate lunch

Although not as exciting as other towns it does have some interest in facts. It has a history with space exploration. Apparently across the road on the air force base is where Richard Branson is developing his airplane that goes into space

I thought it was a graveyard where planes come to die.but  no its where airlines store commercial aircraft for various periods. Mojave Airport, has a 3,000 acre facility
These sites and others like them are used for temporary storage of surplus airliners during periods of decreased air travel, such as during the recession of the early 1990s or in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Aircraft sent to these locations usually remain there for a few months or years awaiting sale to other airlines or scrapyards
So I took a wander had a nosey




After that decided that I needed a hiker sign for hitching so back to the shops hmm they sell every thing except a marker pen but board marker that will do it then to the dumpster for a box.
Perfect as I wander back I decide to get a take out.As son as I walk in there are many friendly faces “Hiker Trash”




In The  red  is  Bomber and   Can’t remember the others names I appogise will add later


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