Day 33 Trying To leave Mojave !!

Monday 19th May

Got up early grabbed  two cups of free Coffee , Outside  on the lawn was Siesta ,we  chatted while  then Raggedy Man  turned  up  whilst  chatting Siestas  Brother Bomber turned  up  but  in not sure which  is which !! I left  as i needed to  go  to  the Post  office  but  as i left  the guys  from the  Restaurant  joined me  they were all going  to  Breakfast  at Denny’s. As  they  veered off i  continued   on . Gorgeous morning  but  they  all have been so far.I arrived  at the Post office  Handed over my  parcel  brought stamps  and headed  back. At  the motel  i asked  if  i could check  out  later and  the answer was yes.

Next  to  the Library  signed  in for  Internet  access   and  now  here i am .  Right been at  the  Library  too  long  need to  get  back  and  get  sorted

I’ve  uploaded some  Video  they  are out  of sequence  but  hope  you  enjoy  Right  got  to  pack  my  pack  and get  waking
Hope  you all enjoying  my  blog   Please  be  free to  make  comments  and  check  my  location  if  you  would  like  to  send  me a card  or  abuse    feel  free

Will update  again when  in the next  down  that should  be  Kennedy Meadows  in 5 to 6  days

thanks  for  Reading


Mojave Post Office

Mojave Post Office


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