Day 31 Mojave

God what a night the wind howled and my tent swayed but I did sleep well .I was up early and tent packed. but had a  small scare as I had tied a guy rope  over a rock,but when I moved the rock in the  morning there was a scorpion under it.
It’s just gone six and I’m walking as I need to get to the Post office, luckily the trail is  very kind no huge climbs just  gentle curves.I am now in another burn area, this normally means fallen trees and so it’s tree jump time but this section is good and most have been cut so no clambering over, but i  need to keep moving .Soon I was overtaken by the usual crew  I fall in behind for a while but  then give up as they are just too fast  . I  making good  progress  and  the miles were falling then I came to a huge wind farm,there were thousands and thousands of them as far as you can see. With the usual whoo whoo whoo as the blades turned. In the distance a road I may make it in time as  its  only  10.30.  I crossed the road most of the others were going to Tehachapi I was going to Mojave, well being a soppy romantic this is where Cheryl started her  hike ,in her book Wild.
I stop on the corner of Oak Drive in the baking heat wishing I’d topped up with water. I waved at numerous cars but none of them liked me. But then a pickup stops  i have a ride  yeah .The driver was a construction worker who builds these windmills .He dropped me at the post office. But bugger it was closed my guide said 10 – 12   on Saturdays .Okay the library then but it’s at the other end of Town grr but so are the shops and motel. I stop at the gas station for an iced tea. ( I’ve got the taste) It’s roasting in Mojave as I walk up the street I pass another hiker and we chat a while .okay the library.  I get to the library it’s closed.I am not having much luck today. okay motel it is then
I’m staying at  “Motel 6” $42 a night that will do nicely,  I will zero tomorrow, Post office Monday then the  Library then back to the trail
I get into my room step out of my shorts and get into the shower almost dressed
My clothes were washed several days ago. But god the dirt that keeps coming  out is scary and soon the cubicle is a molted brown.I remove my clothes and do a war dance on them in the shower still they ooze dirt lol oh that will do . I decide leave my  socks soaking  in the sink after rinsing about a dozen times. Okay shopping
I MUST NOT SPEND LOADS. $80 not bad but I did buy a lot of fruit especially oranges a large sub for tea and because I’ve been so good a few beers.
Back at the motel I decant my food into Ziploc’s. Then shake my pack down and box up what I don’t need i’ll post that up the trail Monday
Should help my pack weight,but I have brought more food.Dam gas! I haven’t got gas.( Sorry Butane out here) If you ask for gas they stare at you blankly. There is a garage out front so I wander over yes they have and it’s the last one yes .when I come out “Ten speed”  is sat eating a ice lolly . Why hi there I take a seat and we chat for a while. He was just arriving at the Saufleys last time I saw him.
He was a little worried about the water availability saying the caches are empty and not being restocked. And it’s hot!@
I headed back and my tea/ lunch caught up on blog then map planning
God its 8pm late for a hiker




Carlos Ragged man and ten Speed


My pool at the Hotel


Mule Team Before Trains


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