Day 28 Leaving Aqua Duce

Woke up lazy at Hiker Heaven.Need to resupply later and get back on the trail going to be hot again  phew well I’ve had breakfast cereal an orange i crave oranges out here and tea with milk.!!.
I keep staring at my stuff need to split some and mail ahead ill do that when back from shopping.Its great here they even have a dozen bikes to cycle to town that was weird cycling into town on the wrong side of the road.but really satisfying with the wind in your was better trying not to spend to much.then cycled home.made a yummy tortillas with fresh tomato, cheese and mayo and a soft drink yummy trying to update WordPress then must do the post.
Post done best trying and get my stuff together and head out or ill be here all I’ve said it’s hard to leave these places.while I was doing my mail there wee two reporters doing a article on hikers and the people who run this place. So I got interviewed my photo taken .do fame at last lol.
Okay pack packed. Drop the trash , just need water ..omg it’s 101° maybe ill wait so ill go and chill one of the hikers has made a cake so I grab a hunk add ice cream and watch the third star wars what’s playing (VHS)..But with hiking you get fixity. .No I’m going I slung my pack onto my back said my good byes. Had my photo taken again and by Dona Saufleys. got out of the gate where someone stopped to give me a ride to the trail head. .
It’s fairly typical with the trail you leave fully re supplied and full tanks of water only to have to climb vertically up .Omg it’s steep. I’m sure if I went any slower I’d go backwards. Chug chug then it levels out so. A bit faster. I’m just going around a corner when a runner comes past guess in his 60. Later another but this man stops to chat. Those who know me .know i can talk all day but it’s 4.30 I need to get over this morning or ill be sleeping on it!!!!.So eventually I escape only to run into two more this time I just say hi and keep going. The mountain in front of me looks huge and the paths steep. Come on Snailtrainer (my trail name) you can do this the time i has just gone 4.30 and a it’s still 90° I’m sweating buckets my pack is hurting.its a long way up come on you can do this chug chug.oh a shady part. Bing my watch announces its 5pm higher i go a level bit good I push my self forward on my poles. The views as always are stunning wow. Higher i get to a part that looks like it’s snowing but it’s lots of broken quartz really pretty.i need a break I down almost a litre of water and stuff jelly fruit into my gob..
I relax for a moment with the weight of the pack gone….But gotta walk .Bing it’s now 6pm I’m normally setting up my tent at this time .but I’m halfway up a mountain. Come on .I say to myself we can do this .The climb is steep again and I can see the path snake around the other hills..I may be climbing this in the dark!!!!! I trying to quicken my pace but it’s still hot.a d the pack still heavy.the trail is a. Narrow path so nowhere to stop let alone put up my tent.I guess I’m carrying the heaviest tent mine is .2.5kg
Every one else’s was 5 lb and under.but I’ve carried it this far.if I had a bigger budget then yes I may swap it.Round I go the sun’s getting lower Bing it’s 7pm my watch says .need a flat spot nothing here. Over the next ridge ..nothing the light is beginning to fade.Many hikers hike at night a it’s cooler but I haven’t got that confidence yet maybe later.its half seven this is the latest I’ve hiked.I am a. Little concerned that it will be a compromise Nd ill be blown away by the wind. I cross another ridge. Perfect there is a wide flat area my watch tells me. It’s 8pm .I put down my pack and take a few shots as the sun vanishes with a golden glow.Tent up and relax. Easy tea tonight tin of beer .big bag of crisps an apple and for bed a hot chocolate. I just doing my jot chocolate when I see a head torch in the dark I called out DC but it was “Early Bee” 20 minutes later I heard Kyle Voice he stopped for a while then finally at 9 p was the voice of DC. And double tap


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