Day 25 A day in the Jungle

I slept well even though it was really windy.i intended to be on the trail early but once again my sleeping bag was nicer.once I did emerged of the half dozen tents or more only mine was was still very windy so taking it down wasn’t easy and I seemed to have mess everywhere. Right we are off..7.30 it’s okay. The start was the normal climb to see if you are awake, I wasn’t. ..Up and up it went then what fun  for the the whole of the morning it was jungle warfare. The trail was completely overgrown so  your having to force your way through through hedges. Bit like trying to walk through a maze field blindfolded. Except for stones and logs to fall over or holes to fall down and even more fun is the poodle bush  lurking inside too what fun.. oh and also its uphill and the wind is blowing a gale and the dead trees are breaking. So quite scary!!!. Pushing through these hedges sapped my energy and I have only began.
Bollocks to this if I knew know I would of worn trousers, my legs are scratched to bits my arms ache and when the hedges end it’s more Poodle dog to dance around. I’m hating this section grr at last my watch pinged 12pm  I normally hike to 1pm but I had had enough
Pack off, boots off and relax. Tortillas with cheese peanut butter and salami yummy. I rested for an hour then time to walk I had done 8 miles I needed to do 10 more….let’s hope it’s not up on the trail. oh fun it’s log jumping but to make it more fun it’s surrounded by Poodle dog. And these jumps were hard the first two were fairly hard but I managed
The third I fell off and into the  hedge. Where I lay for a few minutes to see if I was hurt.its also quite difficult when your lying downhill with a backpack on
Eventually I hauled myself up,brushed myself down and walked on just a few cuts to add to the others. At last the trail headed down so I could get a bit of speed. The views were amazing as I zigzagged along the mountain.Bollocks more Poodle dog.
Info! Poodle dog spores lay dormant in the soil for many years. But once there is a forest fire they germinate and take hold.they can grow up to six feet.but once the other plants reestablish the  Poodle dog bush retreats.
They trail winds on and when your beginning to tire more bushes to push through and after that it’s more  logs.but most of these you have to crawl over. At last the rangers station is in site yeah. .as I walk in it looks deserted oh a hiker box.its donations but yeah I drink three sodas mmmm. Then a man appears Bob.hes the caretaker. He’s says if I’m staying go down the hill less windy and other hikers are there.Then he says as it’s windy come cook your lunch inside.
I quickly put up my tent then grab my cooking gear. There are two hikers there.then Bob offers us a beer each I’m sat in a comfy chair eating my dinner chugging a beer awesome. I then top up my water clean my legs down as they are filthy and so to bed miles 17


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