Day 20 Hot Springs

6th May 2014

Hurrah yes I chose a good site last night. The wind howled high above but the tent wasn’t affected so I slept well.
I had set my alarm for 5 am wishful thinking! Get up get up it played snooze.snooze.It was too warm and cosy in my tent. Then 6 came along I had better move so broke camp but then decided to have a hot chocolate.
Then I’m on my way. Through forest to begin with following a bubbling stream. Then I climbed higher and following the contours of the hill. All around the clouds looked menacing. And you could no longer see the tops of the mountains. ..Mm my rain jacket is at the bottom of my pack. I walked on. I was back into the forest again love the smell of pine and it’s just so pretty .Then began the game of leap the tree it’s a fab game  sometimes you can play go under and in extreme cases you have to go around, but most of today’s were climb over. Ahead was “miss red”. We said our hellos and then I followed her up the trail. I was just about to cross a stream when I tripped and face planted a rock. I lay in a heap stunned. I think I was lucky that I was wearing my “Staples” beanie as it took some of the impact. But I still received a gash to the head. I crossed the stream unsteadily then sat down seeing stars for 5 minutes before stumbling on. Soon I was backup to speed, but it was cold today and I wished that I had another layer on Come on  out Sun
my watch pinged 12 pm. Time for lunch , good I need a rest tortillas with peanut butter and cheese yummy followed by  Cheese biscuits and power bar. I was just chilling when Dan cruised up and joined me. The PCT is something he has wanted to do as a child and he’s fulfilling it… I walked on, today’s trail was kind and the miles were flying by. The rest of the day I  followed the River that  wound its way down the canyon  many feet below whoop whoop whoop 300 miles yeah or just over 10% the way there lol Come on Snail. Then I did an amazing thing a first for me…I overtook two people bo-peep and Colonel Mustard. I was flying, later as I was taking a break Missred came by hey how did I pass you? I said. We walked together for some miles. It helps as you pull each other along and soon we only had 2 miles to go to reach Hot Springs my target for today and there it was. I dropped my pack took off my boots and soaked my weary feet in one of the hot pools Heaven! Time to put my tent up then I went to the bigger pool which was full of naked  some quite attractive :0) So I joined them, Its bloody amazing lying in the pool of hot water in the middle of nowhere watching the clouds and fantastic scenery. This was my 3rd wash lol I soaked for an hour, it was just so relaxing now I know why people like hot tubs. Then streaked back to my tent and into warm clothes. Next came the chore of filtering water I did 3 liters. Then cooked tea cheesy pasta with broccoli rather scrummy and cuppa tea. Let’s hope the trail is kind tomorrow.
Mileage 21:0)

log climb
my injuries
Feels  Great
Feels Great
Follow that trail
Follow that trail
Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Hot Springs

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