Day 19 Leaving Big Bear

5th May

I don’t know why but I struggle to sleep at night. You would have thought a day hiking and I’d fall straight asleep and last night in a real bed was no exception! But at least I woke up refreshed. Some organised hikers were cooking bacon and eggs. Others huge pancakes. I just ate all the food that I couldn’t squeeze into my pack lol. Did I really buy all this? Maybe by Wrightwood, my next resupply town I may get it right. Other hikers were beginning to leave (the hostel provides a shuttle back to the trail head).I picked a short straw so my lift was at 10 am,  So I went to find the post office go see if my next set of boots could be delivered to the next town. My feet are holding out okay but I’m going for a larger size. I chilled out in the sun chatting to other hikers, Apache who has feathers in his hat. Another hiker who is hiking with his dog. Bless. He has little booties. And a tea shirt sort of saddle for his water…
Actually today I wasn’t feeling well. May have been my takeaway, as Pink Panther was ill too and we both got our food from there! So plenty of medicine. As that’s not good on the trail. Time began racing by and I was becoming quite edgy to get going. Likewise pink Panther. But she was waiting for a new tent from Big Agnes to be delivered by FedEx. At last my ride whoop. Bye hostel Big Bear Hostel in Big Bear Lake $20 first night…  big bear hostel. Com
Soon we were dropped off at the Trail head. 2 girls, Apache and myself. God my pack weighs a ton this is going to hurt. I had to walk up an old jeep trail for about a mile, it then meets the PCT. The other. Hikers were now in the distance. But I was feeling good. Then I heard a voice it was a man on his horse. He stopped and chatted and we talked for ages. He’s checks the trail for fallen trees and distressed hikers. He also warned that the weather is changing and we might get rain/Snow tomorrow!! He said he’d see me later as he checks both up and down parts of the trail. As I got to the PCT Apache was refilling his water from a cache. The trail started its normal climb but not steep. The trail wound its ways through lush forest. It was just so pretty. Then the horse came by again. I will see you once more on the way back then I’ll let you be the rider said. I hiked on the weight on my back now settled. Higher I climbed then wow an amazing view of Big Bear Lake. Just stunning. From then on the trail seemed to follow the lake from many feet up before it vanished from view.
My goal for today was just 10 miles to get to the next camp get water and sleep. Well if bad weather is on its way I don’t want to be on a hillside. I want to be flat and low (I am learning)
Most of the afternoon the trail continued through lush. Forest before coming to a Burn. It’s really quire sad row upon row of black needles that were once three’s. And felled threes strewn around. Which I guess we’re. Dangerous. But on the ground there was a. abundance of wild lupines much smaller than the British ones with their proud spike if blue flowers. .I stopped took off my pack and gazed at the fantastic scenery. , as I sat a fellow hiker came past his name ragety man from Canada. We exchanged hellos then he was gone. I could have sat there longer but gotta walk. I caught up with Ragety man at the camp. He was having supper. I stopped and chatted but as there was no water I thought I’d do another hour! There perfect site .flat. Sheltered I hope. Tent up rice cooking hot chocolate made. Bed


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