Day 17 A Good hike

3rd May 2014

Woke up early. But was to snuggly to get up. Finally I emerged from my tent at 6 am, was packed and on the trail by 7. Today felt good at I started on the trail. Today was going to be a good day; 0).The trail started in forest so shielding me from the sun which is already 76° .I was also at 8200 metres? As I walked on. I was Soon caught by  “2 Close and his girlfriend  “Short step ” normally I would of fallen behind but he was a great talker like me and he seemed to pull me along in fact in 3 hrs we had covered 7 miles .I was rather impressed.. They stopped for a break, but I carried on. I knew they would soon catch me. The terrain was perfect undulating with the odd climb oh and of course the tree vault, climb manoeuvre. Again I Lost count at about 12. Halfway through the day I came across loads of cages and into two were bears. I believe the owner uses them for TV but they didn’t look happy. I was really enjoying today’s hike think the trees help. Then Darwin passed me and he was gone he has long legs lol .I walked on stopping now and then to take a photos. The scenery is just breath-taking. .Halfway up a hill I saw Dan sat under a huge tree taking 10.
Good plan I will walk another hour then take lunch or where there is shade. At last I dropped my pack. Unrolled my Tyvek and had lunch. Food bag almost empty now. But resupply in Big Bear Lake tomorrow whoop. Just eating when “2 close & short step” came past closely followed by Dan then miss red
I took an hour here before walking again. About a mile up the trail there was a cache of water I came led up then walked on. I was now in pine woods the aroma was lovely. Then as I came out of a clearing “Trail magic” In a large dumpster. There was a huge selection of sodas, biscuits. Fruit etc. I’m just amazed when I come across these. I took a couple of sodas and orange and a apple and shared some strawberry biscuits with a fellow Hiker. I felt so good I almost ran. Today was a good day. Back into the forests and the miles were flying by. I stopped by a stream and refilled my water. I was carrying 4 litres and felt good. I walked on and eventually came to all my new friends. Darwin miss red 2 close and short step
they were camped by a stream. I was going to join them. But I felt good with fuel in the tank (this is normally a BIG mistake) but I was feeling great. .so I walked on and on and on, I was on a mission then great a flat spot .that will do so tent up tea eaten and relax
So 21 miles today not far to Big Bear tomorrow Yeah


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