Day 15 White Water Mile 229

1st May

Woke early. Dressed and packed and on the trail by 6.30 that’s good. This is going to be a good day. But omg the first climb almost finished me off. I’m sure a lady in her zimmer could of beaten me.I thought by week  2 that I would of been fitter and stronger by now!..Once at the ridge wow what a fantastic view. Then time to go down. And the sun is just rising. Go a be first destination was white water river for water. The trail meandered away.then out on to beautiful grassland with his all around very much sound of music.then time to have up at the top and wow every view here is just amazing in the back are the black hills . stunning. On I go then in the distance could that be a river? .down I go. Not too fast could go over the edge! !.i am zig zagging down ( switch backs).down and down. Then the trail flattens out ….where is that water. At last and the water is white or rather grey with sediment. I normally bleach my water but this will need filtering.i filter 4 litres. Then time for lunch tortillas spread with peanut butter and fresh onion yummy. Then a fresh orange mm just then a fellow hiker arrived
Threw down his pack and was asleep.I would have liked to have stayed longer but I needed to leave. Boy it’s hot.the trail starts on a nice sandy path gently sloping. As I walk I notice several small birds.oh they are humming birds
I stop and watch for a while totally fascinated. Also today is. Caterpillar day they are everywhere huge things. Orange head. And tail with a body with yellow lines.
Animal count
1 Fox or Prairie dogs
0 Bears
3 snakes 1 x rattler 2 other
4 horny toads
Lizards lots
Ants millions
3 Humming. Birds

Oh by the way my right foot is still killing me. Left foot good
So now the trail is heading up.from low down you can’t see where it goes so it’s always a. Surprise God I’m high. You can see for miles then I’m at the top on the ridge. Again. Wow I sit down and just admire the view. STUNNING.
The trail runs along the ridge giving you 360 views all around. Then it’s time to go down again zig zagging across the face of the mountain  as I descend I can. See another river in the valley . slowly it comes into view but then is hidden by the trail .I follow the sandy path until I. Can see about. 6 hikers sheltering under the trees from the sun.
The river here is much cleaner. I refill my water and doze  there is K2. Tuck and several others. Then they were gone off to do another 9 miles wow!
I was hoping for maybe 4.but as I set off again. I knew I was almost done. I did another hour and half then looked for camp.that will do savoury rice tonight yummy and two cups of tea
16 miles today (229)

Wind Farm
White water River
White water River

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