Day 14 Ziggy and the Bear

30th April

Woke at 5.30 one of the best sleeps yet and was packed up and on the trail by 6.30 getting better Mr Snail. The trail was still going down but it was steady. About an hr later I passed the 200 mile post whoop whoop next plan WATER I’m running low and it’s about 6 miles away.This is when the trail has this annoying habit of meandering with no purpose or so it seems.we are going down we are going up zig-zag I just want water,then in the distance down below I can see hikers and hopefully water. 10 more minutes and I’m standing by the tap filling up with water. I then rest for twenty minutes before its time to walk. I start off down a tarmac road then I am back on the trail.its cross country very sandy and sometimes you sink in. After about an hour I come to a bridge and whoop. Trail magic I grab a coke and a banana and rest again in the shade of the bridge. Then time to go , A little further up the trail is Ziggy & the Bears. Great trail angel hosts.showers, laundry. Snacks & sodas. As soon as i walked in I was made to take off my pack and my boots . sign the register have my photo taken. Next a bowl of hot water arrived with Epson salts to soak my feet.I had power to charge my phone and a soft seat to sit in.Several cans of soda and a Gatorade later it was time to walk.I left the comfort of the chair and walked almost 2 hrs before putting up my tent. My day is done and it’s been good I’m camped in the valley of a huge wind farm I mean huge !!

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