Day 13

It was a blowy night, luckily I brought all my kit inside my tent. I emerged about 7 and packed up. Ark Angel walked by he said that I did well as yesterday’s trail was 2 miles straight up… No wonder I struggled, I am also 11,000 feet so that’s why I couldn’t breathe yesterday. So that made me feel better. But still more to climb as I’m going over the mountain fullers Ridge. As I set off it was like being in Narnia with the snow and the trees .I keep expecting Mr Tumnus the fawn to pop out and offer me Tea, which would be very nice. Wow the views are amazing really amazing. I stop by a stream and refill my water. I’m just amazed at the scenery I am seeing…after several hours it lunch time I have been carrying an avocado and an onion so that’s my lunch between my tortillas yummy. It’s a lovely day but the wind is fierce. Time to go down, which is scary as it’s snowy and slippy.
In the distance is civilization and a huge wind farm. Down and down I go the last stretch what a pain the trail is overgrown with thorny bushes which rip at you . There are also blue flowered shrubs which smell beautifully bur still gash you
I need water,it is 5pm I can push on get to the magic 200 or call it a night. I’m low on water so cold supper but a hot chocolate. Should I of pressed on?





Large Tree

Large Tree

Fantastic  View

Fantastic View


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