Day 12 Camping in Snow!


Woke up late. Only got up as I needed a wee. Followed by tea and sat with fellow hikers. First job the post office to bounce my box further up the trail. The people in the post office were so helpful. Posted my cards. Then to the library. Their kindness just astounded me. Everyone is so helpful. They even had print outs of the water reports. The Internet was free just wow. I uploaded a few photos to Facebook and corrected a few blogs and charged my phone and camera great. Next I thought I would grab a sandwich but they don’t do that here so bread. Cheese salami, Soda and nachos then back to camp. Made my sandwich then time to leave. Leaving is a slow affair…..It is so true what they say about towns they are hard to leave. Also I’m a bit worried about my foot it badly swollen and won’t fit in my boot. I saw the pharmacist and got more painkillers but I need to leave. I was hoping to be on the trail by 1pm. But I left the park at .2.30 .A mile uphill then I join the deer spring trail which joins the PCT. By now it hot bloody hot and I’m climbing, Climbing bloody climbing and on and on. This is some climb. It’s no good I need to rest, orange time mm. I enjoy my orange but I need to walk, gotta walk
up and up maybe because it’s high but I have to keep stopping. Oh snow my first snow. Up and up. Just passed suicide ridge. Not today lol.
God look at the time 6pm can’t believe it has taken me so long. Need to find a tent spot. Strawberry crossing that will do tent up.
OMG there is a porta Loo up on top of the mountain. !!
Supper was rice & broccoli with a splash of olive oil and chilli washed down with PG Tips. Will I be covered in snow in the morning? Fingers Crossed

View From the top
Stopping for water
1st camp in snow

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