Day 11 zero in Idyllwild

State Park

Wow a much better sleep emerged about 8am my fellow hikers were just leaving, heading off to re-join the trail. The bone in my toe is giving me issues. Seems as if my boot as plenty of painkillers .I waddle into town. Buy a new knife mine was rubbish. And id so loved the one that I had found but had to give it back to DC it was a Gerber and so Sharp then resupply. New flip-flops as I had thrown my others away (rash decision). Arrrrrr. Then gas. Postcards for family. Next it’s laundry time clothes in and  relax as the machines do there  best to get a week’s trail out of them , then it’s back to camp I hang  my clothes out to dry ,  then it’s time for a a shower my second whoop, Mm I washed my hair twice had a shave I was going to relax  but……
Lesson of the day after doing your laundry count your socks before getting back to camp !!.
so after my shower I limp back to the launderette to look for the missing sock and  yes its still in the machine !!
Lets try the relax again  so I sit outside the shower block charging my camera and phone. And chilling  just ate two oranges I seem to have a craving for them . Decanted. my shopping from their boxes ,restocked my first aid kit mainly plasters and moleskin.
Later I needed to get some bleach tablets (for water just in case )  So I walked back up town got the tabs and some gloves and a selection of 4 beers to have with my supper oh and a canister of gas .
Idaho mash it’s really rather I’m eating hikers began to arrive some familiar faces and new ones, there is  Big red, Mika a lady from Germany and…..We sit and talk for hours before I need my  bed

Fellow Hikers

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